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Bridgerton has some gorgeous Recency era costumes to enjoy. Image supplied.

We’re big fans of a good binge-watching session and there’s some excellent watches available on our favourite streaming services at the moment. These ones are some of our favourites that either have fantastic costumes or a fun fashion twist. We’re sure you’ll find something you enjoy watching, and maybe your next favourite show.

Netflix’s newest must-watch show is the lavish period drama Bridgerton which has lashings of romance, scandal and all kinds of drama with it’s fair share of witty moments. The show is narrated by Julie Andrews and follows the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family as they look for romance in high society London in the early 19th century. The gorgeous Regency period costumes are suitably lavish and feature a vibrant palette of colours and detailed embellishments. It’s a fun watch with just eight episodes that will keep you entertained for a day.

Emily in Paris
Legendary costume designer Patricia Field created the eye-catching costumes for this playful Parisian romp which stars Lily Collins in the title role of Emily. Emily is an American woman sent to Paris to work for a luxury French marketing company despite not speaking a word of French and this campy comedy follows her adventures as she figures out life in France. While it may have a fair few clichés it’s still a fun watch and a perfect piece of escapism while we’re waiting for our next opportunity to travel overseas.

Aidy Bryant stars as Annie, an aspiring journalist who is determined to change her life without changing her body in this comedic adaption from Lindy West’s 2016 memoir Shrill. Annie deals with an unreliable boyfriend, sick parents and a perfectionist boss, as she begins to understand that she’s just as good as everyone else and that her weight has nothing to do with her potential to achieve her dreams. This show is refreshing, candid and a great watch, it’s about time there was a plus-size lead who explores the very real moments that anyone who doesn’t fit into the idealised version of beauty experiences all the time. Oh, and Annie’s wardrobe is pretty special, her swimsuit and that awesome sequined mini-dress are perfection.

The Great
A rollicking historical satire that is loosely based on the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history, The Great is a brilliant watch. Elle Fanning is wonderful as Catherine who evolves from naive bride into a crafty wife, turning members of the King’s court against him in her attempt to take the throne. The stunning 18th-century costumes have elements of modern couture fashion and were cleverly created by costume designer Emma Fryer.

Sis the Show
From the creator of the hilarious Baby Mama’s Club, Hanelle Harris, comes Polynesian sketch comedy series, Sis the Show, which is now streaming on Neon. The show follows the amusing antics of cousins Gee Gee (Hillary Samuela), Miki (Gaby Solomona) and Malia (Suivai Pilisipi Autagavaia) as they explore issues of race, religion and gender along with pop culture through a Pasifika lens. Aside from the hilarity (with some rather filthy jokes thrown in for good measure too) the show is a stylish watch too with the characters dressed be renowned stylist Sammy Salsa who also dresses the likes of Stan Walker and Parris Goebel. He effortlessly mixes traditional Polynesian style with modern fashion pieces for an authentic urban feel that nods to the characters’ heritage.

The Crown Season 4
Set in the late 1970s and during the 1980s, the fourth season of The Crown introduces Princess Diana played by Emma Corrin and Margaret Thatcher played by Gillian Anderson, as the show explores the turmoil of Charles and Diana’s marriage and the political chaos of Thatcherism. While the drama alone is enough to keep you watching episode after episode, the 80s fashion, in particular Diana’s, is fantastic and beautifully recreated from the Princess’ real life outfits.

The Queen’s Gambit
This fascinating Netflix series follows the story of American chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, as she rises from a chess player to become a chess Grandmaster. Her keen sense of 60s fashion also evolves along the way and this show is as stylish as it is clever with lots of symbolism in Beth’s fashion choices. It’s a compelling coming of age story which skillfully pays homage to the game of chess in a brilliant way.

Season six of this brilliant Kiwi drama recently wrapped up on TV3 and the whole series of Westside is available to stream on Neon and ThreeNow. It’s without a doubt one of the best shows to be made in New Zealand and starts off in the 1960s before winding it’s way through our country’s history to conclude in 1990. Antonia Prebble is amazing as matriarch Rita West and there are some stellar performances from the entire Kiwi ensemble, not to mention excellent costumes that perfectly capture each time period through a Westie lens.

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky
K-pop fans will love this new documentary which goes behind the scenes of the rise of South Korean girl group Blackpink who debuted in 2016. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa offer insights into their lives and their journey with Blackpink in an engaging and honest way with the doco capturing some intimate moments along with the interviews and performance clips. The girls’ youthful and playful style, not to mention their love of designer fashion, makes this a stylish watch too.

I Hate Suzie
Billie Piper stars as actor Suzie Pickles in the amusing new comedy I Hate Suzie as she deals with a nude photo leak that torpedoes her career, destroys her marriage, and alerts her dangerous long-term stalker to her whereabouts. It’s a darkly hilarious tale that sees Suzie try to keep things together as her life unravels which is reflected in the increasingly madcap fashion. 

Ryan Murphy’s ode to 1940s Hollywood features some truly fabulous costumes that faithfully recreate the chic style of the time. From the leading ladies glamourous gowns to the polished suiting on the leading men, this show has incredible style and is a feast for the eyes. The story starts out strong but falters a bit as it goes on as Murphy attempts to re-write history but Hollywood is still an enjoyable watch that will make you want to break out the red lipstick and pearls.

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