Gok Wan's Trend Preview

Summer Brights
The fashion – big bold colour statements, especially acid hues of teal and petrol blue.
The specs – say it loud with bight splashes of colour.

The fashion – nude flesh tones, single statement pieces, worn without jewellery.
The specs – contrast with a strong tortoiseshell or try pinks and nudes.

Structured Tailoring
The fashion – think Balmain shoulders and Balenciaga tailoring. Strong lines and edgy cuts.
The specs – make a statement in monochrome or accent with a touch of red. Titanium frames work well.

Oversized Tailoring
The fashion – like Jill Sander statement jackets.
The specs – pare back the frames with finer lines and detailing to complement the volume of the tailoring. Again titanium frames suit this style.

Surf Girl
The fashion – 1970s tie-dye pieces, sporty.
The specs – wear earthy colours and retro shapes.

The fashion
– think Balmain and Gucci, and anything that is dangly and shiny.
The specs – Offset the sparkly detailing with masculine shapes in bold black.

Moroccan Bazaar
The fashion – earth tones, heavy prints and costume jewellery. I.e. Sex & the City 2
The specs – choose strong colours, like reddish earth tones or vivid turquoise.

Summer Leather
The fashion – leather isn’t usually a fabric associated with summer but it’s a big trend for the season. Try city shorts and shirts, and mini dresses in pinks and flesh tones. Don’t wear black as it will give too much of a winter feel.
The specs – titaniums, tortoiseshells and blush pinks will complement leather tones.

Sport Luxe
The fashion
– think 90’s Comme des Garcons, airtex, silks and parachute materials. Keep it feminine with heels.
The specs – Edgy lines take this retro look back to the future.

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