Go with your flow the sustainable way with Bamboo Babe

Bamboo Babe

Bamboo Babe offer a biodegradable alternative to sanitary products. Image supplied.

Periods are a normal part of life for us gals and as if having to deal with Aunt Flo every month, who brings along cramps, hormones, pimples and cravings were bad enough –  we also have to deal with the use of sanitary products. Most of which are terrible for our bodies and the environment, contributing to the world’s landfill with piles of non-biodegradable pads and packaging and a sea of toxic cotton tampons.

Did you know that most sanitary pad products take 500 – 800 years to break down? And did you know that each woman uses on average about 12,000 pads and tampons throughout their life? That means that each year there are an estimated 5 billion sanitary products that are piling up globally each year. These statistics are a scary thought.

Luckily for us, the market is slowly coming out with more eco-friendly and sustainable options, such as Bamboo Babe – a family-owned and operated business that was founded back in 2017 in Tasmania, Australia. Bamboo Babe has just touched down on our shores here in New Zealand and we are here to spread the news that your periods can now be plastic-free!

Bamboo Babe is a range of sanitary pads that are made from 100% certified organic bamboo fibre core, which also makes them hypoallergenic and antibacterial, while the corn-based top sheet is low irritant and soft. These products, compared to others on the market only take around 180 days to break down. They are accredited vegan-friendly, made from ethically sourced bamboo, ultra-thin and ultra-comfortable and come in a range for normal flows, heavy flows, night time pads and panty liners. And at the low-cost of RRP $6.99 per pack these products won’t break the bank.

To find out more about Bamboo Babe and the story of how they were created, you can visit their website.

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