GLASSHOUSE Fragrances launches gorgeous Sugar Coated range

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GLASSHOUSE Fragrances has launched a new range called Sugar Coated. Images supplied.

To celebrate GLASSHOUSE Fragrances’ 15th birthday, scent superstar and founder, Nicole Eckles has launched a new flanker brand called Sugar Coated.

Sugar Coated is a nod to the brand’s longstanding best-selling scent, A Tahaa Affair. Part of the gourmand family, A Tahaa Affair is a celebration of the wonders found in food ingredients, sometimes fresh and fruity, but mostly sweet, decadent, and ready to party, synonymous with the gourmand scents found in the GLASSHOUSE Fragrances collection. The Sugar Coated line-up will also feature outrageously indulgent fragrances with a sweet, scrumptious complexity. The range is designed especially for dessert lovers, doused in edible notes of creamy vanilla, buttery caramel, nutty praline, balanced with citrus and sugared fruit – just what your sweet tooth ordered.

Nicole Eckels, CEO and Founder of GLASSHOUSE Fragrances says “Live out your most outrageous food fantasies with our newest collection of six gourmand fragrances, where more is more. The debut fragrance of the range, Movie Night, was briefly released last year and went nuts, so we had to bring it back for this collection. Get ready to lose yourself in the most decadent scents.”

The Sugar Coated Collection is full of mystery and magic, designed to be a 6-course (fragrant) dessert degustation. It is intended to take those in its presence on an immersive and indulgent scent journey; each of the six candles in the collection are uniquely formulated to elicit a different sensory experience, and with each burn creating a playful nostalgic ambience. The capsule just like every other collection features a bespoke design, and each scent is beautifully housed in a striking iridescent glass vessel, a celebration of the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality and intuitive design process.

Each fragrance has been delicately hand wicked, hand-trimmed, and hand-poured in Sydney at the GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES atelier.  You can find the six scents – Movie Night, Party On, Sweet Enough, Rice & Famous, Bakery Binge and All The Red Ones at GLASSHOUSE Fragrances now.

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