ghd for Lover at RAFW 2011

“The look is ‘handsome beauty’. We went for a long glossy ponytail with a deep and low side part. It?s quite a manly look, inspired by vintage 1970?s so it is very luxe and very chic.”

According to Nic Briand of Lover: “Our inspiration for the new collection was modern femininity. The hair concept evolved after discussing our collection with Sophie. It’s a mix of masculine tailoring and soft feminine float and lace. So we came up with the idea to mix a modern slick side part with a defined pony tail. The perfect compliment to the collection.”

Working with Sophie Roberts and ghd is always an inspiring experience. We all share the same vision, which makes it the perfect partnership.”


1. Cut a low (just below arch of brow) and deep (use top of ear as a guide) side part on left hand side of the head using the ghd Tail Comb, or a comb with a metal end for military precision.

2. Cut a horizontal part from the end of the side part to top of the right ear in the same fashion.

3. Evenly distribute ghd Obedience Cream and ghd Smoothing Balm through the hair and blow dry with a ghd Oval Dressing Brush, smoothing the hair against head to establish direction of hairstyle.

4. Using the ghd Gold Classic styler, smooth out the hair all over for a poker straight finish.

5. Comb the hair at front so it travels directly over the hairline, leaving the part line at top of head exposed. Pull the hair into a ponytail at the nape and secure with a hat elastic.

6. Hold the hair into place with ghd Precision Wax and ghd Ultimate Hairspray.

7. Finish with ghd Reflection Spray


– ghd Tail Comb

– ghd Obedience Cream

– ghd Smoothing Balm

– ghd Oval Dressing Brush

– ghd Gold Classic styler

– ghd Precision Wax

– ghd Ultimate Hairspray

– ghd Reflection Spray

Words and photos: ghd

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