Getting There in Style: Top 5 Carry-On Essentials


When you fly, you have no control over what happens to your luggage, unlike when travelling by car.


Checking your bag at the airport means surrendering it to the airline, leaving you with nothing to do but hope and pray that your prized possessions will be at your destination when you arrive.


Hopefully, your luggage will be reunited with you at the baggage carousel, and your carryon bag would have just been useful to you during your plane ride.


But what if your bag doesn’t arrive with you?


When the airline misplaces your luggage, your carry-on bag could come to the rescue, if you pack it right.



Carry-On Bag Essentials


An extra set of clothes.

This is essential, especially during Fashion Week, where you will probably want to wear more than one outfit.


When you don’t have your suitcase, you forgo all the clothing items you brought along with you (and packed so thoughtfully, as per my last article) – therefore, it’s essential to have backups, including socks/stockings, and undergarments to hold you over until your baggage turns up or you can purchase new items.


A bag of travel-size toiletries.

This is mainly for the purpose mentioned above. If your packed toiletries get lost, you’ll have the essentials with you in your carry-on, which will be life saving if you can’t live without your favourite shampoo.


If you throw in a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste and your must-have cosmetics, you’ll also be refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead once you land in Auckland.



Photocopies of all important papers.

This isn’t as vital when travelling domestically, as the airport security rarely requires ID – let alone your passport – but you should always be prepared nevertheless.


And while you should always carry your important paperwork (driver’s licence, FW tickets, etc) on your person, it’s always good to carry extra copies just in case something gets misplaced.


Put photocopies of all your paperwork in a re-sealable plastic bag. (You should pack a second set of copies in your suitcase too.) This bag can be placed into a secure area of your carry-on (same goes for checked luggage), where you know that your documents will be safe and you have easy access to them.


Also, any important medication can be stored in the same secure area of your bag.


Your jewellery/valuable items.

I like to keep jewellery and other valuables in my carry-on: it’s much more comforting knowing that your favourite rings and necklaces are under your arm, not in the bag that just got left unattended by airline staff on the tarmac.


Invest in a jewellery roll and fill it with pieces that have special value to you. I would also recommend packing your favourite pair of designer heels or small investment handbag in your carry-on: if it’s too important to lose, either leave it at home, or bring it on board.



Things to keep you entertained on your flight.

The majority of domestic flights don’t offer in-flight entertainment, so for an hour or so, you’ll be stuck on the plane with nothing to do but study intently/gaze at the on-board safety instruction sheet in your seat pocket.


Disaster! Prevent such boredom by having a few fun things in your carry-on bag. Load up on copies of your favourite magazines, a new book or an eReader, your iPod, etc. 


– Anything that will help make the time fly as you anxiously await arriving at Fashion Week.


If this seems like a lot of things to pack in your purse, I would recommend getting a larger tote to take on board with you, like the Huffer Stone duffel or Deadly Ponies ‘Mr Chain Gang’ bags as pictured. 


It’s definitely worth being prepared and packing for all possible scenarios, especially when you want to feel and look your best during Fashion Week!


-Lena Aseeva




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