Getting there in style: Packing and preparing for Fashion Week


Don’t wait until the night before to pack.

I often hear people say that you can wait until the night before to pack – that you can get it all done in the final few hours before you leave.


This has numerous issues, especially when you end up rushing around trying to get everything done, forget that you actually needed to take your new favourite pair of pants to your tailor, and that your camera needs new batteries.


This is also problematic as you are likely to forget to pack many items, and will regret your choice of packing strategy once you board the plane.


Avoid any potential disasters by setting out the items you want to bring a few days before you leave.


This will give you time to make sure everything is accounted for.


You’ll also have time to iron your garments or pick up any last-minute items you need (or take them to your tailor).


Then, start your actual packing process about two nights before you leave. I find packing quite fun (but that could be just me!), so I like to start as early as is feasible..!


Roll. Don’t fold.

This is actually really effective. By using this simple method, you can get a dresser full of clothes into your suitcase (for all those costume changes in between shows!).


It’s a great way to save space and minimise the creases in your clothing. You’ll also be able to tuck in any fragile items to keep them safe during your travels. For garments that are too delicate to roll, lay them flat on top of your other items.


Double bag all shower and beauty products.

Provide your clothes with extra protection by putting your shampoo and any other potentially leaky products into a re-sealable bag before packing them.


There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to discover that a major shampoo explosion has ruined your week’s worth of outfits!

Wrap your heels.

I like to bring a multitude of heels with me on any trip, but the trouble with packing them is their odd shape.


The shoes’ spikes can catch on clothing and rip through fabric, while the bottoms can get your clothes dirty.


This is easily preventable however. Wrap heels in an old T-shirt or a clean rag and slip them into a plastic bag.


I would also recommend not putting them at the bottom of your suitcase where they can be weighed down and squished by the rest of the contents of your bag (not to mention the other hefty bags that the airplane staff will no doubt stack on top of yours!)


For flyers: Weigh your suitcase!

If you are flying, avoid going over those weight limits and paying extra fees by weighing your suitcase once you have everything inside.

The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money at the airport for an overweight suitcase.


For Air New Zealand domestic flights, you can have up to 23 kgs as your checked luggage, but I would recommend making sure that you can actually lift your bag when you’re done packing (there isn’t always going to be a helpful gentleman nearby when you need to lug your 23 kg suitcase off the baggage carousel!).


Also, you’ll probably want to have your suitcase substantially underweight to allow lots of purchases at Fashion Weekend, without stressing about weight allowances.


It usually really helps to plan outfits or combinations of outfits ahead of time. This way you will actually get use out of everything that you pack, and won’t end up with dozens of tops that you didn’t get to wear during the week.


This will also get your luggage’s weight down, making that suitcase way more portable.


Happy packing!


-Lena Aseeva



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