Get the perfect curls all year round with ghd’s Curve Curling Tool range

ghd curve curling range

Curls have never been easier than with ghd’s curve curling range. Images supplied.

Curls really are a girl’s best friend and having the perfect set of curls can complete your look for any important event or simply for everyday hair styling. No one knows hair styling better than ghd and with their versatile range of curling tools, styling your hair was never easier. We had a chat with ghd ANZ Education Manager, Jordan Thomas, about the ghd range of Curve Curling Tools, with tips and tricks on how to style your curls to suit every hair type and any mood.

Could you please tell us a bit about ghd’s curling range – thin wand and the curve collection?

We launched our curve range in 2014 and it’s been a huge hit for us ever since, the curve collection is great for people that want to achieve beautiful voluminous results. It’s no secret that you can curl your hair with our ghd stylers, but this compressed the result. If you want curls that bounce and look full, Curve will be your best friend. For me, the missing piece of the puzzle has been the new ghd thin wand, featuring a unique 14mm thin barrel, I can now create defined and even curls that last for up to 24hours, with no extreme heat.

What sets ghd’s curling tools aside from other brands?

The answer to this is simple: temperature and technology. All our heated styling tools are set at the optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees. We have different technologies throughout our portfolio, all unique to ghd, which monitor the consistency of the temperature across the barrel. This ensures that we are looking after the integrity and health of your hair, delivering gorgeous results, without having to turn up the heat to extreme temperatures. 

What is the optimum styling temperature for styling curls?

When it comes to hair, I’m an absolute geek! The perfect temperature to style your hair, regardless of hair type, is 185 degrees. When ironing different materials such as cotton or cashmere we need different temperatures, but when it comes to hair the temperature at which it is manipulated remains the same. 185 ensures the hair can be styled into shape, but still bounce back to its natural state after washing.

ghd curve curling range

ghd’s smaller barrels are made for beautiful curls that last all day.

What tools would align to obtain different curling styles, such as beachy waves, tight ringlet curls, Hollywood glam, or everyday waves?

Choosing the right tool is determined by the style you want to achieve, when I think of ‘beachy waves’ I think of inconsistencies in the hair. Nobody steps of the beach with perfectly even and sculpted curls, well I don’t anyway! Our creative curl wand is a conical shape which lends its self perfectly to creating more of a lived in and undone vibe. My tip would be to leave the ends of your hair straight to make it feel more effortless. For tight curls, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the results and for Hollywood waves, you can achieve with most shapes and sizes, the key is to curl all the hair in the same direction and then brush them together.

Could you please share some tips and tricks for styling curls and maintaining the longevity of curls?

Styling product is key to hold, but I think the biggest mistake that people make when styling their hair is not letting the curls cool before touching them. With our new thin wand you get tight and defined results within 3 seconds of having the hair wrapped around the barrel, which is incredibly quick, but if you really want these to last all day and night allow them to cool before brushing or running your hand through them. I see a lot of people panic when they first curl their hair, thinking that it looks too perfect and set, you just need to stay chill and then brush or comb to soften once the hair has cooled down.

What heat protection products would you recommend to help with styling curls?

My go to when working with the curve range is the ghd curly ever after curl hold spray. Not only does it contain ghd’s heat protection system which helps protect hair from heat whilst improving the condition on the hair cuticle after heat styling but it also contains a biopolymer that helps deliver anti-frizz properties to leave the hair feeling smoother and sleeker. When ghd curly ever after is partnered with the new ghd thin wand it doubles the curl longevity from 24 hours to 48!

What types of hair suit certain styles of curls?       

Instead of focusing on hair types, I think I’m going to shift this question slightly to talk about face shape. It’s important to understand what curls work with your face shape. If you have a longer face shape, say like Sarah Jessica Parker, you want to avoid creating too much volume and height as this will accentuate the features you are trying to soften, focus on creating a head hugging silhouette with width instead. If you have a wider face, switch that around and focus on creating volume vs, the width.

If you want to find out more about ghd’s Curve Curling Tool range or to purchase any of their products, you can visit their website.

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