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Georgiemane review

I tried out Georgiemane’s hair mask and was thrilled with the results. Image supplied.

During lockdown it was tough not being able to tame my tresses at my favourite hairstylist – so I improvised with at-home products like many others. I’m not talking reaching for the scissors and giving myself a homemade haircut,  I’m talking about smoothing, nourishing and maintaining my hair from root to tip with Georgiemane’s amazing hair mask which smells of invigorating coconut and sea spray.

Our hair is similar to a filter and as we go about our day it can pick up pollutants and smoke in the air as well as being constantly subjected to UV rays. We use heat styling or chemical treatments – and for those of us who are stressed, it all affects the quality of our hair.

I’m an avid box hair dye kinda gal – I’ve been colouring my own hair for over 10 years and it’s been my signature blue-black for a while now. I don’t use heat to style my hair but I use ALOT of hairspray to make sure my vintage hair sets last. Hairspray contains alcohol which can dry out the hair strands. Because of these reasons and in the name of all things glamour, my hair definitely needs some extra moisture and TLC.

Georgiemane is a quick 10-minute mask which I popped on all over from roots to tips after shampooing. Once it was all through my hair, I gave it a good massage to make sure my hair absorbed as much goodness as it could.  I wrapped my hair into a top knot and just refreshed my eyebrows with tweezers while I waiting for the mask to sink in. Then, I washed it out and towel dried as normal. No need to condition or re-shampoo your hair. My hair didn’t feel greasy or like it needed to be washed again either which I did worry about at first.

After the first time I used Georgiemane I felt like my hair drank up the mask nutrients and I was truly impressed with how shiny and refreshed my hair felt after the first time using this product. The second time I used it, I popped it on overnight with a towel on my pillow and woke up with amazing results – but honestly, not that different from using it for 10 minutes so definitely worth it. Quick results are what we all want!

Here’s a few top-notch reasons why this hair mask is my new favourite thing:

– It’s safe for coloured and damaged hair

– 100% vegan and cruelty-free

– Contains yummy coconut oil, aloe vera and shea butter which all help with conditioning, preventing breakage and removing buildup on the scalp. They even have a super helpful ABC’s of Georgiemane on their website to break down the ingredients.

– No sulphates, parabens or silicones

– Made in Australia

This mask is suitable to slather on every hair type whether you’re blessed with coloured,  curly, frizzy, thin, fine, thick, short or long locks.

It comes packaged in a big 220ml pot, which will have about 10-13 applications (a pretty decent amount of applications). I use mine once a week for a mid-week pick me up or a self-care ritual on the weekend so I have lush hair to start my week.

You can grab yourself a tub of Georgiemane for your next self-care day at, for RRP$49.99 and they offer free shipping in New Zealand. It smells and feels incredible and you’ll love the results it gives your hair.

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