Get En Pointe with Celine Rita

Campaign image from Celine Rita’s new summer collection. Image supplied.

Celine Rita turned to the pastel pretty world of ballet for the inspiration for her new summer and bridesmaid collection, and the result is every bit as elegant as you would expect with such a muse. Previously designer Celine Chapman has offered a full summer wardrobe including shorts, tops, blazers, skirts etc, but this season she’s decided to focus simply on dresses and jumpsuits which are the garments she’s known for and the ones that sell well every season. There’s a lot of business sense in that decision and it also means that her summer range offers many lovely dresses that are perfect for bridesmaids as well.

Designing bridesmaids dresses is something Celine has done quite a lot of and for this collection she has taken that a step further offering more gown lengths than before and incorporating luxurious new fabrics such as raw silk. The ballet influence can be seen not only in the soft colour palette but in the shapes as well, such as the lower scooped backs and delicate straps much like those on tutus. Delicate lace and subtle prints add to the charming feel that is feminine but not fussy. Celine’s garments are cut to flatter and she’s included her popular silhouettes mixed in with new season looks such as culottes to keep things fresh.

There’s definitely a lot to love about this range, whether you’re planning a wedding or simply in need of a sublime dress or jumpsuit for summer, many of these looks can be as dressed up or as casual as you want them to be. Celine Rita’s summer will certainly be a beautiful one this year.

Images by Anna Allport for Celine Rita.

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