Get Arrowed by Karen Walker

Looks from Karen Walker's 'Arrowed by Karen' eyewear collection.


Karen Walker released her first collection of summer 2016 for her 'Arrowed by Karen' eyewear collection today which features an irreverent campaign. Eyewear has been a hugely successful part of Walker's business and this new collection focuses on the iconic arrow which has been a recurring motif in so many of her collections over the years.


“The arrow stands for the brand’s optimistic spirit, élan and fearlessness” says Walker. Although the brand is also well known for it's quirkiness and sense of humour as displayed in the amusing campaign imagery. 'Like Cupid’s arrow through the heart, Karen Walker Eyewear strikes us down every season; Summer 2016 is no exception' proclaims the campaign and given the massive success and celebrity following that her eyewear has had so far, this collection will likely get many of her fans hearts beating faster too.


New shapes Moon Disco, Moonwalk, Star City and Luna Flowerpatch are introduced next to favourites Harvest, Super Duper Strength and Number One in this collection. The acetate frames feature gold, silver and rose gold metal detail which is offset by champagne and silver mirror lenses. The Super Spaceship and One Astronaut styles feature sleek and super flat lenses for a futuristic look.


Images from Karen Walker.

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