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Calendar imagery by Mike Mikha Photography


A gorgeous new calendar is launching this weekend from the creator of the successful LLL fashion show which we covered late last year. Regina Alai of fashion blog Regina and Peachtree is the motivated woman behind these new ventures and we wanted to follow up with her and find out about the new calendar and how she's feeling post the success of her show which celebrated plus-size women.


Update – 10th January: For those who missed out on the launch but still wish to buy a calendar they are officially available on Trade Me.


FashioNZ: Congratulations on the success of your LLL plus-size fashion show late last year, did the idea for the calendar come from that or some other inspiration?
Regina Alai: What a success the show was! The idea for the calendar did somewhat come from the same motive, however it was first seen as an extended opportunity to focus more on empowerment for women.  The fashion show did dish out a vast slat of empowerment for individuals who participated and attended, but there was a huge focus for businesses who are within the plus-size fashion trade and I am so happy I was able pull it off. The calendar is a great project to focus solely on women – to show beauty in different sizes, ages, and ethnicities.  All for growing an awareness and broadening the acceptance of physical existence in being a woman.
FNZ:  Since you managed to source so many lovely models for your show did you work with the same women for your calendar or different women?
RA: A few ladies from the show did opt to be in the calendar which made the recruiting process a lot easier, but it was so lovely to meet new faces and personalities and to give others the opportunity to experience a capacitating moment.  From make-up and hair, to stripping down to undies with ladies fist pumping and cheering on the side line, to experiencing a freedom to just be themselves in  your own skin. This is why I love what I do.  I get a kick from bringing sanction to women just like me.
FNZ: You modelled in the show and also in the calendar, how did you find the experience and were you nervous about it at all beforehand?

RA: Always nervous! I have so much nervousness being the centre of attention in any situation.  For those who know me well, I am such a reserved personality.  But I am a person of huge passion and passion is what will give me any success in the future.  Love eliminates fear.  If I have an admiration for something, the nervousness is temporary, but as soon as I get the kick, then it's full steam at 110% percent.
FNZ: What was the highlight of creating the calendar and how do you feel about it now that it's printed? 
RA: It is always kick meeting like-minded people, then getting to work with them.  Directing the shoot was definitely a highlight, but also when I received the images I was even more blown away! I owe a lot of credit to Mike Mikha Photography who is responsible for the final touches on the imagery.   With the launch this coming Saturday, holistically the highlights have and will be throughout.
FNZ: What can we expect from the calendar and where is it available from?
RA: Firstly, the photographs are absolutely stunning.  The staging concept was to portray some sexiness and allurement as visuals should, but I wanted to keep it sweet, tasteful and real.  Everyday hair and make up, flashes of skin, a lot of eye contact and breath-taking sunsets and landscapes. I am so happy we have captured just that with Mike Mikha photography.
Calendars can we purchased online from Eventfinder for only $20 and can be collected from the launch  this Saturday – the buy a calendar click here.
FNZ: Tell us about the launch party for the calendar this weekend?
RA: I'm quite thrilled to have the soiree hosted on popular social turf, the launch will be held at 'Little Easy' – 198, Ponsonby Road, Auckland at 1pm.  Entry into the launch is open to the public at no charge, and it is going to be just a fun gathering in a social hot spot to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.  I'm also stoked to have a smoking hot DJ who has a truckload of girl power and sass to amp the afternoon for ladies and guys who can appreciate women being women.

I have been planning on the next fashion show and I would like to put my feelers out this weekend. If you are interested in being a model at this year's plus-size fashion show, you need to come to the launch this Saturday.  Bring a friend, grab a drink, tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself.  The launch is a great opportunity to meet potential models in the flesh in a relaxed fun environment, and to mingle and chat to several girls from the calendar and to ladies who modelled the catwalk to share their insights.
FNZ: We love that part of the sales from your calendar are going to two different charities, can you tell us some more about that?
RA: So profits are being donated to two charities.  It was initially planned during breast cancer month last year.  My grandmother passed away from breast cancer and I have a very close friend who has battled breast cancer, I've seen the impacts and it has just felt right to give back.  Because the calendar has involved a lot of parties – Mike Mikha Photography, Chetna Prasad Design, Servilles Hair Academy, The Make-up School in Ponsonby, and all the models, I'm proud I've been able to have Regina and Peachtree drive and direct the project, but it's more of a good feeling to be able to contribute to women and families who are at battle.
After the photoshoot and decision to donate to NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, I had come across a photo that went viral.  A lifeless 3 year old refugee child lying facedown on a beach, drowned from trying to fled to safety because home became a war zone. Being a mother of three children, that little boy was in my mind for weeks. It is so easy feel helpless to lend a hand from our little corner of the world, but I'm a strong believer of 'a little goes a long way'.  So I am donating $2 for every calendar sold to 'Save the Children' for refugee children affected by war.
FNZ: 2015 was a great year for you, have you got anything planned for this year that you can share with us yet?
RA: 2015 was such a big year from someone who's just started, it still blows my mind.  I've learnt a lot about myself in the process.  I recognised my potential.  Just like every women I meet to work with, I myself am going through stages of growth. What once was just 'dreams', I now can actually see them within arms reach.
I would like to bring NZ Plus-size Fashion Weekend to our shores hence the desire to meet potentials models this Saturday.  The LLL Fashion Event was a  great way to test the waters, and there is a huge field for a bigger event to occur annually.  I've also been planning to go into fashion trade for men and women, and I intend for the calendar to happen regularly for women and for charity.  Looking back at 2015, I'm still in slight disbelief with what all happened last year, and the foundations that have been laid from 2015 gives me ground to only progress upwards.
Calendar imagery by Mike Mikha Photography
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