Georgia Alice launches at Black Box Boutique

Named the 2011 winner of the Westpac Young Designer Competition, Georgia Alice's debut autumn/winter 2013 'Imperial' collection is simple, luxurious and ready-to-wear with crisp silhouettes.



You may have seen some of her designs already, as Sammantha Hayes wore one of her stunning white dresses to the Hobbit Premiere in Wellington last year.


The beautiful, detailed orientated pieces on show at Black Box Boutique were as simple yet stunning as the young designer herself. Georgia looked fantastic in one of the collections white long-sleeved silk tops, offset with a beautiful dark red lipstick, and was clearly passionate and excited about the evening.


Georgia's clean designs show a remarkable talent for someone at such a young age.  Everyone knows it is much harder to stay simple in design, but the 'Imperial' collection manages to do it with style, grace, and emits an effortless nature.


The minimalist black and white touch carried through the event, with monochrome Jelly Beans and MOR Cosmetics on the counter, and even the canapés (the rice balls, oh those rice balls were amazing).

– Dani McAllen
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