Gal of Style – Tracey Dalton


Describe your personal style.
I would consider my style to be classic, with touches of the season’s trends. I’m a girly girl and love to accessorise.

Where do you shop?

Everywhere! For me it’s not about the labels and more about achieving the look I want.

Who is your favourite New Zealand/Australian designer?
My favourite New Zealand designer would have to be Helen Cherry, her designs are classic with a great sense of glamorous wearability. My favourite Australian label is Alannah Hill of course! So girly and accessorised!

What is your current favourite item of clothing?
Oh I have so many things I love! But my favourite few pieces in my wardrobe at present would have to be a gorgeous Sabine dress in coral, a leopard print Sabine cardigan and a sheer printed top I picked up at Valley Girl for a song!

What was your best buy for Winter?

My best buys for the season would have to have been the great shoes and boots I found at Number 1 Shoes and my Helen Cherry black pants. I also love the new Pantene Nourished Shine range which nourishes your hair from the inside and makes it shine. Often people forget that hair really is your best accessory!

What is your favourite fashion purchase/garment/outfit of all time?
The outfit I bought for the day after my wedding. A true ’80s ensemble. Bat wing sleeve top with a large leather band from the waist with buckles and domes and matching skirt also with matching leather strips and buckles and domes. I actually still have it! I’ve taken out the shoulder pads and worn the top a few times over the past few years.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?

Probably my bright yellow ‘fluoro’ MC Hammer style pants with matching oversized jacket!! Although as a hairdresser in Dunedin in the mid eighties it was pretty stylish!

If you were invited to attend the Academy Awards, who would you ask to design a dress for you?

That’s a tough one! I’d be torn between Adrienne Winkelmann and Liz Mitchell. But don’t they have a whole week of awards evenings? I could probably have both!

You would rather eat your own shirt than wear…

A rubbish bag!? Because apart from that I’m sure I could almost make anything work!
Accessorise Accessorise Accessorise!

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