Gal of Style: Theresa Brady

You’re a multitalented woman, being the designer behind three fashion labels, Sable & Minx, Doosh and new label Brady. Can you tell our readers a little about each label?
Doosh started 15 years ago as a clubbing and street wear label, it has evolved to be a leading urban street label for both men and women and it has a fun, irreverent and urban vibe to it. I started designing it 4 years ago. Sable and Minx is more classic and very feminine lots of beautiful and girly dresses in silks and modals it is very elegant and pretty. I began it in 2007. Brady is more edgy and constructed, with interesting silhouettes and colour combinations. It has been fantastic to collaborate with another designer too, Rebecca Batley – Alder joined with me to create it.

You just finished a showing at New Zealand Fashion Week for both Sable & Minx and Brady. How was that experience?
I am lucky to work with a great team of talented creatives from my stylist Dayra Bing to Rebecca and of course our workroom team made the show so easy to work on. It is like running a marathon backstage and behind the scenes trying to get everything out looking right – it is really hard to do two shows at once!

What do you enjoy most about being a designer?
I love that every day is different and I get to work on so many cool projects. I travel and research before design so I see a lot of amazing places for inspiration, I love developing my silk prints the most and spend about three weeks at fabric markets at different times during the year looking at thousands of prints and fabrics for all the labels, I just love it all! Also I get to work on all aspects of design from the garment through to logos, ads, lookbooks and websites so there is always something new and exciting to do especially because we have three labels.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by my reactions to places, nature, culture, art, and music, so it is what strikes me and gets me thinking that I will build a story around. I am looking forward to my next trip to Buenos Aires, Rio and Madrid. I think I will have some great Latin inspiration for next summer!

Describe your personal style.
I am probably a “Brady Girl” most out of all my labels, I like things to be a little unusual and have cool details and colours put together. But I am also a chameleon always evolving, the only thing I don’t have in my wardrobe is any old tracksuits or tee shirts, I never wear anything too sloppy, that is not my style.

What is your all-time favourite fashion purchase?
A beautiful vintage black silk and lace floor length negligee that I got at an opshop in New York, If only I can only figure out where to wear it!

You would rather eat your own shirt than wear…
Fur. There’s just no need, fake fur is more fun and friendly!

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