Gal of style: Sara Aspinall

Company Of Strangers was formed back in early 2008, by designer Sara Aspinall in a response to what she called an early mid-life crisis. Sara had been working alongside Dunedin designer, NOM*D's Margarita Robertson for over six years, and yearning for a change in direction. Sara left NOM*D to study photography, ironically dropping out after one week, and rather impulsively starting her own label.

Describe your personal style.
All over the show! Like I got dressed in the dark pretty much! Quite a huge amount of leather.

Where do you shop?
Opshops! Fast n Loose and Children of Vision on K road.

Who is your favourite New Zealand/Australian designer?
Lonely hearts and Jimmy D– lovely people and great designers!

What is your current favourite item of clothing?
Leather biker leggings from my winter range actually they go head to head with my leather shirt jacket!

What is your best buy for Autumn?
A crochet beanie made by Adam Parata for Company of Strangers.

What is your favourite fashion purchase/garment/outfit of all time?
My Demuelemeester riding boots I bought off ebay for half price, they are 6 years old now and still going strong!

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
Nothing really comes to mind, I’ve made MANY! But better live dangerously…

If you were invited to attend the Academy Awards, who would you ask to design a dress for you?
I’d probably go vintage, or Preen.

You would rather eat your own shirt than wear…
I’d wear anything rather than eat my own shirt

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