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1lucieLucie Marquis has lived in London all her life, it would have to be her favourite city in the world. “I love it for the eclectic mix of characters, the culture, the architecture and the fast pace” says Lucie … but in spite of all of this, she has decided to take some time out for herself and come to New Zealand (where her mother is from ). “It means a lot to me to be here at this point of my life, and also find what NZ has to offer me creatively.”

Describe your personal style.

I would say that my personal style derives from my love of all things vintage and retro, ranging from the 60s and 70s (Pattie Boyd, Marianne Faithfull, BIBA) to the 80s/90s (Debbie Harry, Pet Shop Boys, Joy Division…) I like to have to have fun with clothes and am inspired mostly by different people and cultures.

I love interesting mixes of colour and print and pieces worn together in unexpected ways – creating quirky looks but always in a feminine, controlled way. One of my mum’s best friends once described her NZ villa to as 'dishevelled elegance' and that expression has always stuck in my mind…

I love a look that isn't overdone, over-styled and over-decorated. I like beautiful and interesting things put together in an easy, casual way – being 'effortlessly stylish', as if you have just got out of bed and put this mad concoction together and it just looks amazing – it works!

Where do you shop?

I like to shop everywhere and anywhere – mainly vintage and second hand shops, as that is where you can find real treasures and interesting pieces that are one offs… (I have to say it is a slight addiction that I find hard to curb, and living in Auckland doesn't help, where you can find an op shop around every corner!)

Who is your favourite New Zealand/Australian designer?

However… I am also a great admirer of high end designers. My favourite European designers are Miuccia Prada (Miu Miu in particular), Moschino, Sonia Rykiel, Dries Van Noten and Yves San Laurent. My favourite NZ/Australian designers (bearing in mind that I don't know the Australian market well enough yet) are Zambesi, Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts and Therese Rawsthorne…

What is your current favourite item of clothing?

My current favourite item of clothing is my vintage studded leather jacket… come rain or shine, it can always be worn to jazz up an outfit! I also have a real weakness for accessories and jewellery and love hand-me-downs from my mum and grandma.

What is your best buy for Autumn?

My best buy this autumn would have to be my sheepskin coat that I found on TRADEME for $50. It is a gorgeous sand colour with tan leather binding, and fits like a glove!

What is your favourite fashion purchase/garment/outfit of all time?

My favourite fashion purchase of all time…. now this is a difficult question, as I have so many treasured loved items! My favourite things are usually things with history and sentimental value that have been given to me by friends and family.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?

My biggest fashion mistake would have to be when I was a student at Brighton University (the alternative centre of England !) University is one of those times when I would say you experiment the most with your look… and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to shave an undercut on one side of my head and have a nose ring and wear the most ridiculous mad mixes of clothes – need I go into any more detail?

God knows what was going through my parents’ heads at the time but fortunately it didn’t last too long.

If you were invited to attend the Academy Awards, who would you ask to design a dress for you?

If I was invited to the academy awards and money was no object I would probably get Alber Elbaz – Lanvin to design my dress or Sonia Rykiel…

You would rather eat your own shirt than wear…

Another difficult question as I think a lot of things that are bad taste can be made to look good if worn and styled in the right way (on the right person). But currently my pet hate are those leggings that look like jeans!

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