Gaia Chinniah’s three commitments to make the New Year fulfilling

3 commitments for the New Year

Three commitments for the New Year with Gaia Chinniah. Image by Abhi Chinniah.

Gaia Chinniah  has three commitments for you to make for the New Year to make 2022 your most personally fulfilling and authentic year yet.

The gifted Gaia Chinniah of Soul33 has never been in greater demand. The pandemic has caused so many to seek answers, to seek greater life fulfilment and to seek to answer the call that many had put off due to the pace of life we were all maintaining prepandemic. But having had no choice but to slow down, many have now gone within, and as a result, Gaia’s special gifts which help others identify their sources of unrest, areas of their life where they feel unfulfilled and even past life patterns that need to be addressed in this lifetime, are in greater demand than ever before.

This is why Gaia was called to launch ‘The Beacon by Soul33’ app in March of 2020, she knew that change was coming, and that many were going to be in need of her gifts and services. She also knew she needed a solution that empowered and inspired people daily, that was accessible from all around the world, and that didn’t depend on her limited one on one healing consultation hours.

Since its launch, The Beacon now has thousands of listeners from all around the world, tuning into her ‘Monday Mantra’ which gives guidance to navigate the energy of the week ahead; what to look for, what to lean in to, and what to be mindful of. The app also contains an extensive library of meditations listed under categories such as Anxiety, Affirmations, Calm & Rest, Moon Phases and many more, providing app users with a toolkit at their fingertips to help them investigate, uncover, relax, and navigate both their daily challenges, and life’s big questions.

Each New Year many of us fall into the trap of making New Year resolutions that we are unable to keep or setting goals that aren’t aligned deeply with our soul purpose. Gaia suggests there are three New Year Resolutions, or commitments that we should make to ensure 2022 is our most fulfilling and authentic yet.

1. Follow through with what you say you will do for yourself and others

Ensuring you hold yourself accountable, keep your word, and follow through on the commitments you have made to others, is important for the year ahead. We need to be able to support ourselves and our ability to stay accountable to assist others. Integrity is a key word here. Integrity in our commitment to our own needs, and integrity in our commitments we make with others. Make sure you’re walking your talk so to speak, being honest, true and ethical.

2. Be committed to your healing

Triggers left unhealed (in spiritual truth) will stay with our souls and carry forward into other lives. A commitment to healing looks like looking deeply into areas of yourself and feeling emotions which are unpleasant, then having support to help you process them and work through any resistance. Meditating and sitting with those feelings regularly is important. Allocating times of day to do this even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes is key. Dealing with things as they come up, no more parking feelings and accumulating them. Committing to healing isn’t easy as it requires going into areas that may cause old feelings to surface, but what this trains your body to do, is to let go and build resilience as we navigate life along the way.

3. Before doing ANYTHING and making any decision, you must ask yourself – does this bring me fulfilment? Do I want to do this? Do I have any doubt or hesitation? Does it make me feel good?

Apply this to everything, even little things like what you wear, what you eat or drink, who you spend your time with and what you spend your time on. If the answer is no, then that thing, person or item in question no longer belongs in your life. Follow the things that bring you joy.

Things that we can choose, need to be chosen with a feeling of empowerment to make a decision for ourselves because we want to, not out of obligation, not because someone else wants us to, not because we want to be liked – when you have a choice to make a decision, make it because you are an empowered person that knows how they want to feel, honour your truth.

The Beacon by Soul 33 is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Search ‘Soul33’ in your App Store. There is a free version of the app with more limited features, and the paid version of the app costs $50 per year, which gives users access to the full meditation library and the new Soul Progression Oracle technology.

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