Gaia Chinniah releases Soul Progression Oracle for spiritual guidance

Soul Progression Oracle

Gaia Chinniah has released a Soul Progression Oracle update to her app. Image by Abhi Chinniah; Ramii Studio.

A while back we introduced you to Gaia Chinniah, who is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach based in Auckland. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy. Earlier in the year, Gaia launched an app called The Beacon by Soul33 and recently added a ‘Soul Progression Oracle’ update to it.

We caught up with with Gaia to find out more how the pandemic has changed her work, what the response has been like to her app and what the ‘Soul Progression Oracle’ update is all about?

We’re now over 18 months into this global pandemic, how has it changed how you work and have you noticed a difference in the clients that come to you and how they present?

The difference I am noticing is higher levels of anxiety and alot of fear but people are really starting to see what is most important and making decisions for themselves a lot quicker than what I have noticed before. Things people have perhaps procrastinated on, they are wanting to make the changes now. Things they may have held onto before out of fear, they are letting go of to find what truly allows them to feel joy. People are willing to make decisions quicker as planning ahead has become difficult. With this also comes a concern about if things will work out for them and I have been working with clients on practical guidance as well as the spiritual understanding of why they are here on earth at this time. I have been reminding clients that their goals and desires are all tied up with and a part of this great unfolding.

Your work can have a profound experience on people’s lives, what is the advice you give them before starting and when leaving a session with you and why does that matter?

I always tell clients they have to come with an open heart, to have no topic off the table as I never really know what is going to come out of my mouth or why. Clients should attend not wanting their session to be the same as someone else they know who has attended before but to trust that what they need will be what will occur and what they want is not necessarily what the Universe and their spirit guides deem as important. I see things from a much bigger perspective and sometimes clients may not understand what I have said and why I have said it until several years later. I am a healer and I absorb all of which a client does not need in terms of their energy when they are around me virtually or in person. If they are guarded or fearful it makes it very difficult for me to address what they need as there is a block. Those who come open and trusting will have the energy shift and information needed to progress their soul until the next time we meet. When leaving I suggest my clients follow the weekly homework and lessons on my Soul33 The Beacon app. I can always tell by a client’s openness if they have been as they start to become very easy for me to perceive information and feelings from the depths of their souls and from the vastness of the Universe.

Soul Progression Oracle

It’s been over a year since you launched it, what has the response been like to the Beacon by Soul33 app?

I had no expectations of what the app response would be like. I had followed very strong intuitive guidance and launched it only because it was something that I would have loved to have had on my spiritual journey and it was also such a fun but challenging process to figure out! The response has been great, we have users from all over the world who are using it sometimes daily. It’s an honour to be able to constantly work on and provide something so valuable to so many.

Can you tell us a bit more about the ‘Soul Progression Oracle’ update to your app – why you created it and how it works?

Those who have used any type of guidance cards will know that they can be really helpful to give us some sort of intuitive message or guidance in our lives. I created this update because again it was something that I would have loved to be able to guide me in what I needed to know or remember. The digital oracle cards allows users to pick cards as often as they like, for example you could go into the app each morning and shuffle to see what you need to know for the day, or week ahead and then listen to the recorded message that explains it further. You can tie it into the weekly lessons I set called Monday Mantras. You start to build a relationship with the guidance cards. Everything carries energy and the more you use the cards the more they will start to speak to you through the carefully thought out imagery, numerology and messages. The cards are to assist you to heighten your intuition and to deepen your relationship with your spiritual self.

How far ahead do you plan and what goals do you have for the future?

Prior to Soul33, I used to be such a planner and goal setter and then I realised I could still be driven and follow my intuition. I am guided very strongly by my intuition and I trust that everything I need to do or pursue will find me through physical signs or through my deep knowing. Then I know what I need to do and when I need to do it. The how’s just show up when I take one step towards my knowing. Overall, I would like the app to become a spiritual guide and tool for everyone – whether you are new on the journey or someone who has been questioning the bigger purpose of life for some time.

Search ‘Soul33’ in your App Store to find The Beacon by Soul 33 app.

Images by Abhi Chinniah; Ramii Studio.

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