Gaia Chinniah on how aligning with nature could change the path of your life

Gaia Chinniah

Gaia Chinniah is the founder of Soul 33. Image supplied.

Gaia Chinniah is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach based in Auckland. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy.

We chatted with Gaia to find out more about her life journey, the path to her authentic soul’s purpose and how she works with nature and the energies on a daily basis for guidance.

Prior to delving into your soul work, you were the CEO of a successful international distribution company. What led you down the spiritual/soul path you now walk? And has this affected other areas in your life?
It was fated. It was never my intention that my desire to understand spirituality and what it meant to be spiritual was going to turn into my full time work – the thought never crossed my mind. I was seeking stress relief and to understand my existence and challenges I faced in my day to day life, I knew there must have been a bigger reason for all of which I was doing. That was my leading question…what am I doing here? My spiritual journey was about myself and through that I found my true authentic purpose. Through the journey I realised that my business focus all this time had been challenging because it wasn’t meant to be my primary focus, when I had my spiritual awakening I knew that my calling was to help people through my gift and that in itself turned into a business that I did not have to grow. It grew naturally as things should when we are not ruled by our egos and following our soul’s path. My spiritual wisdom affects every single area of my life, it is the biggest commitment I have made to myself, to listen to what my soul says and from that respond in all of my decisions, and it is now my job to help others.

It’s been mentioned that you work with nature and the energy to plan and manifest in your daily life. Can you tell us a bit about this? And do you have any starting tips or advice for anyone wanting to align more with nature and energy in their own daily life?
Yes, each week I feel into what the energy is telling me and share this with my followers also. Traditionally, when we were more community focused, humans would rely on their senses to make decisions of when the ‘right’ time was to do things, move, rest etc. Once you become highly sensitive you will feel within yourself how the seasons, weather, energy,  behaviour of animals, the phase of the moon, the vibrancy of the sun, which way the wind blows, how vibrant the aura of the trees are, are telling you things and a reflection of your own personal world. Nature is communicating with us all the time but we tend to steer away from it and try to force things, which leads to challenge and resistance.

People lead very busy lives but while you are driving to work, picking up the children, or running an errand in a moment of silence ask yourself what nature could be showing you today? How the sun or rain feels, how your pets are behaving, how the waves are tumbling. When you start paying attention you will recognise patterns in nature and how you are a part of nature therefore what is happening outside is a reflection of what you can focus on inside.

Can you explain Soul Progression Therapy and how this might assist someone seeking clarity in an area of their life?
Soul Progression Therapy is a look into your soul blueprint. Your soul has many layers and is an infinite portal to access the wisdom of who you are. At anyone’s first session I request for a client to not speak to me so that I am able to only hear a person’s soul, which will always tell me the truth. With my gift I am able to see beyond the physical to lives that you have lived before to understand why you are the way that you are. What I am shown here is a Soul Blueprint unique to you, things that you have done or repeating over and over that may need to be addressed or I am sometimes shown gifts that you possess that you may have forgotten.

I can also see, smell, taste, feel and know things that you need to know in order to lead your best life. I hear your soul speak to me and tell me things that you may be blocking in order for you to attain what you are seeking. I can see the past, present and future, I see all the cells in your body and pick up medical issues through smell and psychic sight for you to pay attention to and seek medical guidance. Any information I receive is from your soul, therefore I don’t receive information that you as an individual cannot handle.  I am a very good listener to know what you are telling me without you saying a word. Soul Progression Therapy allows you to receive an energy shift and understanding of your life in a deep meaningful way, it opens up your eyes to find deep connection, peace and areas for you to focus on. I see you for who you really are.

Gaia Chinniah

What are the most rewarding aspects in helping others to discover more of their true authentic selves?
This is not a one-sided job, I learn from every person that comes to me and each and every person has their own unique soul story. The most rewarding aspect of my job is when I see how a client can use the information and energy shift provided to better themselves and also prepare for things in life that they may have never thought about. I also love seeing the dots being joined for clients as they become to understanding themselves from an expansive point of view, this is why I call it Soul Progression Therapy because each time a client comes, a new piece of the story is provided to keep you on your path, what is relevant and needed at any one point in time. What is also rewarding is witnessing the path opening up for a person to truly find, love themselves and accept who they are and not who society says they are.

You recently launched your app the Beacon by Soul33. Can you tell us a bit about the app and why you created the digital platform?
I started noticing with clients that after they left sessions they did not know how to keep themselves connected, how to continue aligning their energy to manifest their desires, heal and to understand what their life was showing them. They wanted the ‘magic’ to be with them always and I am constantly receiving information from my spirit guides to share.  I also knew that many people were craving a safe space to connect spiritually and have their own experiences without being judged. The app came from a need to support others seeking spiritual questions as I once did with nowhere to go or ask. The app is like having me in your pocket 24/7. Life can be very challenging and with my work I see how trauma affects people lifetime after lifetime – I wish I had someone to have guided me through how to speak to myself and how to cultivate spiritual resilience, how to meditate safely but pragmatically with purpose. The app has various practical exercises, healings, meditations, a Soul Calendar for users to keep an eye on their feelings and emotions, a group chat to talk about their experiences after they do the exercise, videos and more. Each week I tune into the energy for the week (Monday Mantras) and provide a weekly lesson via podcast to set you up for the week. I provide homework for those who wish to follow the weekly exercises which use the current energy to heal, align and manifest. It really is like having a spiritual coach but without the pressure as you can follow the agenda or do as you wish with the resources provided and have that magic in your life all the time.

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