Fun sneakers for work or play

Sneakers have become a cult fashion item with broad appeal and as society has evolved the humble sneaker is now seen pretty much everywhere. Sneakers were originally created back in the late 19th century and evolved from rubber soled plimsolls, it was around 1892 that the U.S. Rubber Company came up with more comfortable rubber sneakers with canvas tops, called Keds (we have a pair of fun, modern Keds in our gallery below too). Sneakers were mostly used for sports like basketball and athletics for the first half of the 20th century but in the 1950’s teenagers started wearing them for fashion reasons and they’ve been a fashion item every since.

Today, you’ll find versions of sneakers in every footwear retailer in New Zealand including some homegrown brands like Deuce Sneakers and Kathryn Wilson. For this story we’ve put together some of the most fun and colourful pairs we could find (although there are a couple of plainer pairs too for those who prefer the simple but chic look). There’s also some new releases like the Reebok Nano X which was recently released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Nano, and is a reimagining of this iconic shoe in vibrant colours. Whether you’re after something classic or eye-catching we’re sure you’ll love this edit of fashionable sneakers.

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