FREE|STYLE: Big Glassons news, DHL designer spaces, Brad for Chanel No 5

Local fashion bloggers will reap the benefits of founder Adam Bryce’s appointment as Creative Director for Glassons – a newly created role.


Glassons Sounds of Summer 12/13


Bryce is moving away from traditional and paid media for the brand, and instead will be creating more content, publishing a Glassons magazine, continuing to refine customers’ brand experience, and remunerating bloggers for in-text mentions of and hyperlinks to Glassons.

“Earned media is much more powerful for us than paid media” says Bryce.  “Local fashion blogs already do us a great service in terms of brand awareness and driving sales” he continues, “and having been a blogger myself I’m aware that it’s very, very hard to create revenue.  We want Glassons’ relationship with bloggers to become more of a two-way thing.”

Glassons is the first brand that we are aware of to bring an affiliate programme to New Zealand, though one fashion blog has run an Australian “10% banner” which sees its publisher remunerated at 10% of a visitor’s spend, if driven from their blog.


Adam Bryce


Bryce studied at Central Saint Martin’s and went on to work as Fashion Editor for The Face and iD magazines. He has undertaken brand consultation for Nike, Levi’s, Standard Hotels and Comme des Garcons as well as founding Slamxhype, which curates “ground breaking news from the ‘Street Culture’ world” and boasts 10 million unique users/month.

You’ve probably heard by now that I Love Ugly won the 2012 DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship, but it’s worth seeing pics and hearing about the superb installations that all three finalists created at Libertine for last Tuesday’s Winner Announcement.


Ingrid Starnes – designer Ingrid Starnes at second from right (R)


Each had approximately 3 x 4m to use and had to supply their own props.  Ingrid Starnes hung a beautiful fabric collage incorporating pieces of her signature prints and colours from both ‘Dacha’ (S12/13) and ‘Hunt’s End’ (W13), behind her three models.  The colours were reproduced with hand-painted shoes and applique brooches.


Kowtow – designer Gosia Piatek at top right


Kowtow worked with Auckland stylist Marina Davis, draping brown paper around their ‘set’ and weighting it with rocks.  They requisitioned a couple of perfectly battered iron chairs from Libertine itself, and as a piece de resistance gave their models permanent markers and invited them to reproduce the triangle graphic that is one of Kowtow’s signature Winter 2013 prints.


I Love Ugly


I Love Ugly brought in a coat rack, an antique table and a chess board, which fit the olde world interior and filtered evening light at Libertine perfectly.




Have you read some of the hoo-ha surrounding Brad Pitt’s recent Chanel No 5 commercial? The comments start along the lines of “Brad Pitt looking like a confused homeless man” and largely get worse.  The ad has inspired endless spoofs, even by the US’ Saturday Night Live.  Chanel may be shrugging gallic-ly – the ad is reported to have generated 4,000,000 views and counting.

Or maybe the brand is not quite so unconcerned?  They have just released an as-yet unpublished clip of Marilyn Monroe talking about Chanel No 5. Marilyn is always marvellous eye-candy but the recording reveals nothing new – smells a bit like  Chanel trying to redirect?



FREE|STYLE can only think of one local celebrity-inspired and endorsed fragrance and that’s Colin Mathura-Jeffree’s Colin. “Exclusively for men – and sometimes women.”

– Julie Roulston

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