Free shoes leave models barefoot in downtown Auckland



Auckland public took home shoes straight off the models feet last week as Number One Shoes launched their new season range.



As show came to its finale, the models stepped straight off the runway and continued their walk onto Customs Street to meet a large crowd of waiting public.


 The crowd started to line up from 11am.

By 12am the line had stretched all the way down the street.


All the sample shoes from the show were then handed out directly to them.



“Watching all the shoes go straight from catwalk to sidewalk and seeing the public become a part of the show was amazing,” says New Zealand Marketing Manager, Diana Lamb.



A Number One Shoes Adshel revealed to the public where to line up to get one of 50 new season sample shoes.



Check out the full runway gallery


The Number One Shoes autumn collection is now available in stores nationwide.

For store locations and information please visit

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