Four steps to manifesting your best year yet

Four steps to manifesting your best year yet

We’ve got four steps to manifesting your best year yet. Image via Adobe Stock.

Manifestation, or the “law of attraction” is a concept that involves manifesting something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. Whether that be love, money, a new car, a baby – the options are endless. But if you think manifestation is as simple as wishing something to happen, then you’ll be wishing for a long time. Manifestation takes a little more than just wanting something to happen – manifestation is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality via your thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions. So how exactly do you manifest something into your life? We’ve broken it down into four easy steps to manifest your best year yet.

Be clear about your goals
The first step is knowing what you want – you are the only person who truly knows your deepest wants, dreams and desires, whether that be a new partner, a better job or more money – make sure you know it and own it. The clearer and more concise your dreams are, the easier they will be to manifest.

Ask for what you want
Once you’ve decided what dreams or goals you want to strive for, you then need to ask the universe for them. This can be done in a couple of different ways – you can use a vision board, where you cut pictures out or write words so you can visually see your goals. Or you can write a letter to this universe and read your dreams out loud to yourself and to the universe.

Start working towards your goals
Knowing what you want is not the only thing that will manifest your dreams, you also need to work towards making them happen for yourself. Ask yourself this question out loud, “what would my future self be thinking?” or “what steps do I need to be taking to ensure this dream will become a reality?” You need to become the person that does, says and believes your dreams will happen.

Be thankful for what you receive
You may not get everything you envision or it may not happen in the particular order you want it to, but whatever you do receive – make sure to be thankful and acknowledge what you do get. To make sure you get what you want, you need to remove any negative energy from your life – such as negative self-talk or fear. Instead of thinking of all of the ways you don’t deserve what you want, think about all of the reasons why you do deserve everything you want.

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