Former editor Petrina Wilson on her chapter of FashioNZ’s story

Petrina Wilson 20 years FashioNZ

Former FashioNZ editor Petrina Wilson. Image supplied.

Petrina Wilson joined FashioNZ as editor in 2011 with a background in fashion sales and retail. She was a great fit for the site and her strong sales background helped grow the client list even further and she was at just the right time for the launch of the online shopping section Shop the Look. Petrina remained as editor of the site until late 2015 and was there to support current editor Evelyn Ebrey who then took the reins.

We caught up with Petrina to find out what she loved most about her job, the best advice she’s received and what’s still in her wardrobe from the past 20 years?

How did you get your job at FashioNZ?
It was taken over in 2010, and I had a close connection with the new owners, who when Natalie (previous Editor) moved to Sydney asked if I’d be interested.

I had worked in fashion for most of my professional life, and it was an exciting opportunity for me.

What can you remember of your first day at FashioNZ?
I remember being a little nervous, the right kind that is driven by excitement.

What were the best things about your job?
I loved that no two days were the same, I got to meet so many interesting people. The launches were fabulous, oh, the freebies weren’t too bad either.

Petrina Wilson 20 years FashioNZ

Petrina at a NZ Fashion week party (left) and with supermodel Miranda Kerr (right).

Tell us about your time as editor?
It was quite an exciting time. We not only launched a new look FashioNZ but also Shop the Look, which added an e-commerce type of element to the site. Back then online shopping was really firing up with the likes of ASOS and Boohoo, so it was great to work with our local clients in helping them promote their online products through FashioNZ.

What was the best piece of advice that you got?
You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result!

What were your favourite trends you saw?
Wow, that’s a tough one. I really can’t remember it seems like a lifetime ago.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m opting for a more classic style these days – simple and uncomplicated.

Petrina Wilson 20 years FashioNZ

Petrina enjoying the expat life in her new city of Dubai.

Who are your favourite NZ brands and designers?
Oooh, tough call, where I live (in Dubai) I don’t have access to any NZ brands or designers, but I’ve always loved Workshop and Helen Cherry. Ketz-ke is excellent for day-to-day pieces, and Sabatini knitwear is fantastic!

What was New Zealand Fashion Week like for you?
It’s a massive week we covered every show, sent out daily newsletters as well as enjoying the social festivities at the event. Basically, when it was Fashion Week, all other aspects of your life did not exist.

What are the most significant changes in technology/fashion since you were at FashioNZ?
The power of social media and influencers. We used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but these platforms have evolved so much since I started at FashioNZ in 2011.

Petrina Wilson 20 years FashioNZ

FashioNZ in 2012 (left) and Petrina’s editor’s letter on the site in 2012. Screenshot via Wayback Machine.

Since we’re celebrating FashioNZ’s 20th anniversary this year, what is your favourite fashion item of the past 20 years that’s still in your wardrobe?
I had to have a major purge of my wardrobe when I moved overseas but I’ve still have a Ruby jacket I bought in 2009 and a Ricochet dress I purchased in 1998 – yikes!

What are you up to now?
My husband and I moved to Dubai last year, so currently, I’m enjoying an endless summer and getting to know my surroundings.

Where do you see fashion going in NZ?
I hope that as an industry, designers are supported and encouraged to continue to develop. With so much fast fashion and the birth of mega malls it’s essential that New Zealand fashion can maintain it’s unique identity.

Finish this sentence, FashioNZ is…
20 years old, Happy Birthday FashioNZ!

Images supplied.

To browse back through FashioNZ’s 20 year history visit Wayback Machine.

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