Footloose and fancy

Sandra Castle’s love affair with shoes started as a young child. Hailing from Auckland’s Southern Suburbs, Sandra; the over the top, ‘epitome of fabulous’ woman behind the ‘GLAMDALS’ brand was always underwhelmed by the selection of shoes on offer during her formative years.



“When I started school my parents took me shoe shopping for something appropriate, but I didn't like anything on offer” said Sandy.

“However on my first day I found what I was looking for in the school cloakroom, promptly put them on and wore them home, not sparing a thought for the poor child left to walk home in bare feet" she laughs loudly.

Fast forward 40 years ………During a well-deserved six week break to Thailand to revive her then flailing creative juices, Sandra was relaxing on a poolside lounger (a la Kate Moss) when the idea for GLAMDALS came to her. Having kicked off her sensible poolside footwear, she lamented at how damn uninspiring they were.


“I wanted a fun, comfortable, casual pair of footwear, which screamed sexy and glamorous as well! Something you could wear at home, out shopping, to the beach, to a resort, dinner, a pair of glitzy wee gems that you could wear anywhere!”

After much research, many samples and countless bottles of wine, Sandra is thrilled to launch GLAMDALS, a new range of glamorous attire for your feet for fabulous women everywhere. Her first summer 2012 collection boasts eight different styles and is available to order and ship from December 1st, although you can pre-order your GLAMDALS now to ensure you don’t miss out before the Christmas and Summer holiday period.

With names like 'Heartbreaker', 'Moves Like Jagger', 'Paint It Black' and 'A Kiss From A Rose' – I couldn't resist………


Rocking my Heartbreaker Glamdals 

By Angie Fredatovich


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