Five of the best hairbrushes for every hair type

Best hair brushes

We’ve picked out the best hair brushes for every hair type. Image via Adobe Stock.

Believe it or not – using the wrong type of hairbrush can wreak havoc on your hair. Unlike beauty products, most hairbrushes don’t come with descriptive labels, so choosing a hairbrush that is best suited for your hair’s needs can be a little tricky – which is why we have compiled a quick guide to make choosing a hairbrush just that bit easier. We have picked out five of the best hairbrushes for every hair type, so you can worry about other things, such as planning your wash, dry, style cycle to perfectly align with your going-out (or staying in) plans.

Best hair brushes

Best hairbrush for fine hair
Boar bristle hair brushes are the best option for fine hair because, unlike plastic bristle hairbrushes, boar hair brushes are flexible and will reduce the amount of hair breakage – which is one of the main problems with having fine hair. We recommend the Evo Conrad Boar Bristle Palle Brush.

Best hair brushes

Best hairbrush for curly/textured or frizzy hair
Curly hair can be tricky, as not all curls are created the same – there are different curl patterns, textures and types, but the main concerns for curly, textured or frizzy hair is the hair tangling and becoming static. Our recommendation for the hairbrush for curly, textured or frizzy hair is the Denman Classic Medium Styling Brush. This brush has 7 rows of nylon sculped pins and a curved shape for added grip and control, while the rubber cushion cuts back on static and frizz.

Best hair brushes

Best hairbrush for thick hair
Having thick hair is a wonderful thing – until you battle the never-ending knots and tangles and having your hair take hours to dry. Our pick for the best brush for thick hair is the Mita Gemtip Detangling Brush. This brush is perfect for combing through conditioner in the shower as it runs smoothly through your hair without tugging and pulling – a no-tears solution to the thick hair battle.

ghd brush

Best hairbrush for blow waves
For a salon-quality finish, we recommend using the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. The ceramic barrel retains heat as the brush delivers voluminous styling while you blowdry.

Best hair brushes

Best hot brush for heated styling
Our pick for the best hot brush for heated styling once again has to go to ghd – the ghd Glide Hot Brush is perfect for taming and smoothing your hair, without having to do a full-on straighten or style. Think of it as a roll out of bed, run the brush through your hair on your way out the door kind of styling tool.

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