Five easy fashion resolutions that make sense

fashion resolutions

We’re all about making resolutions that are good for people and the planet. Image via Adobe Stock.

Making resolutions is something that can conjure mixed feelings but those are usually the unrealistic ones that will make you feel bad about yourself when you don’t live up to them. We’re all for making positive changes but we prefer to make resolutions that are realistic and are good for not just us, but our planet too. These five resolutions are easy to achieve with a bit of thought and planning, and mean your fashion choices will be good for the environment too.

Shop your own wardrobe
Instead of heading to the shops or browsing online when you have to put together an outfit for an event or even day-to-day work outfits, make your own wardrobe the first place you start looking. This is easily achieved if you keep things in a reasonably organised state (we’ve got some great tips) but even if you’re a bit messy starting with what you already own is the best first step. Figure out what you’re looking for and see if you’ve already got something that could work. Maybe you bought a great dress that ended up stuffed in the back of your wardrobe or you’ve got the perfect pants but they just need to be hemmed? Spend the time to assess what you’ve got before you spend any money and if you’re still needing to buy something start with pre-loved stores or online vintage or second hand stores first.

Buy less, buy well
If you are heading out to shop then consider starting with stores from local brands (we all know our local businesses need our support) instead of hitting up a chain store. Some of them are less expensive than you think too and offer well made garments that will last you for seasons to come. If you’re after a designer look but don’t want to pay a designer price then head to your local pre-loved store to see what they’ve got on offer, there’s usually great designer finds at a fraction of retail prices, you just have to be prepared to spend a little bit more time looking for what you want. Check out these tips on shopping from pre-loved stores to help you.

Support emerging designers
This one is easier to do than ever with most emerging designers these days having their own online stores and/or selling on Facebook or Instagram. Supporting a young designer early on in their career means you’re helping them grow their business and you’re getting a unique piece that will have been made in very limited numbers. The impact of your support is huge for emerging talent and who knows, you might just end up buying from a designer who becomes a major name in future and that reasonably priced designer item becomes worth much more. If you’re not sure how to find emerging talent, you can search hashtags like #nzfashion on Instagram or follow FashioNZ as we regularly profile new designers.

Learn how to look after your clothes
Many of us are guilty of throwing anything and everything straight in the washing machine or worse, in the dryer, but it helps the longevity of your clothes to pay attention to the washing instructions. Make sure you pay attention to temperatures and if it’s a delicate fabric don’t wash it with anything that could potentially damage it (that can include external zippers). It’s worth getting a good soap for handwashing, wool wash for knitwear and a washing powder that suits your washing machine. Make sure you’re repairing anything that rips, loses a button or needs to be altered to work for you. The better you look after your clothes the longer they will last and that’s good for you and means you’re buying less too.

Try something new
Fashion is supposed to make you feel good and it’s amazing how good a positive change can make you feel. Been eyeing a fresh colour but not sure if it will work for you? Take the time to try on the colours (and styles) that make you feel happy and are a bit different from what you would usually go for. We live in an era where you can buy, swap or make any kind of clothing you like so it’s easy to have some fun with fashion. If you’re not sure, then start small and work your way up to different looks, but at the end of the day, if makes you feel good, then wear it and enjoy yourself.

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