Fit for a Princess: Our Bride Guide to Finding the Perfect Shoe


Looking flawless on their special day is every bride’s dream and what may not be seen is just as important as what is seen especially when it comes to your shoes.

Being the centre of attention can be tiring work and selecting the right footwear is a defining factor in enjoying each and every moment of your magical day.

If you’re not a regular heel wearer, go cautiously with the height of your heels – this is not the time to be trying new things – opt for a lower more manageable heel. Ensure you are balanced and able to walk naturally. It’s also very common for brides to change from a high heel to a lower one throughout the day but remember to take both pairs of heels to dress fittings, so your dress can be tailored to the right length for both. After all your hard work you don’t want your gown dragging along the dance floor once you’ve changed into your comfy pair!


Left to right: Clyde $139.90 and Coal $99.90 from Overland


Practice makes perfect so wear your shoes around the house. Check the soles, do they slip on certain floors or surfaces? If so, adhesive grip pads will save you from any potential embarrassing moments!

If you are taking dance lessons wear your bridal shoes at classes. This will make you more confident and comfortable when that first dance spotlight is on you.

While most leather and fabric shoes can be dyed to match, matching shoes to your dress is not as easy as it sounds. There are endless shades of white, ivory and cream so ask your dressmaker or bridal boutique for a swatch of the dress fabric. This will allow you to make colour comparisons when you’re shopping around.


Left to right: Luna and Allure in ivory or white from Trousseau Bridal

These day’s lots of brides look to make a statement with their shoes so if you feel you want to add some Hollywood glamour, remember many general shoe stores carry a great range of party shoes which can easily be worked back with your wedding look. What’s more, they can be worn again after the wedding.

Left to right: Liberty $290 from Mi Piaci. Loverly by Stuart Weitzman $590 from Scarpa. Retreat by Top End $169.90 from Mischief Shoes

Finally just before the big day – treat your feet to a relaxing spa pedicure; they’ll look and feel as gorgeous as you do!


– Petrina Wilson

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