Fifteen Shorts for Curves

Shorts can be a contentious topic – some of us can’t wait to feel the sun on our legs and others of us wouldn’t ever be caught with our pins out. Over the years I’ve learned that wearing shorts is the easiest way to keep cool over the hot humid summer, and it’s just a matter of finding the right pair that you’re comfortable in. Here are some that are available both in New Zealand and online, with lots of different styles to help you keep your cool this summer.

Boyfriend Shorts, $54.99 from Autograph (left), Tie Waist Shorts, $44.99 from Crossroads (centre), Cruise Boyfriend Shorts, AUD $99.95 from Taking Shape (right).

Boyfriend style jeans and paperbag trousers have both been incredibly popular, and these pairs of shorts are a nod to those styles, switched up for summer.

Cute Gingham Shorts, $79.99 from City Chic (left), ASOS CURVE Pleated Culotte Shorts, $26.22 from ASOS (centre), Patch Denim Shorts, $79.99 from City Chic (right).

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! Every year I get people asking me about short shorts and I’m happy to report that plus size retailers have delivered this year. There are plenty of above the knee options available for those who want to rock them, from cute and floaty to high waisted denim.

Comfort Waist Cuffed Shorts, $89.90 from K&K (left), New Look Curve Studded Washed Black Knee Shorts, $54.63 from ASOS (centre), Hi-Waisted Knee Length Shorts, $79.99 from City Chic (right).

If short shorts aren’t your thing, that’s okay – as always there are loads of longer options including knee length. A lot of the longer styles are quite fitted (like you’d expect cut off jeans to be) so if you’re wanting a looser fit you might have to hunt around a little bit.

Super Stretch Shorts, AUD $29.99 from Autograph (left), Sid Shorts, $89.90 from K&K (centre), Bahama Slim Leg Short, AUD $89.95 from Taking Shape (right).

Knee length bengaline shorts are my go to and I think everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe. They’re comfy, stretchy and super easy to style (and I think they’re the style of shorts most easily available in a variety of colours if you’re keen for something other than black).

Flower Motif Shorts, $89.90 from K&K (left), Alice & You Embroidered Denim Shorts, $65.56 from ASOS (centre), Blossom Embroidery Shorts, $89.90 from K&K (right).

Embroidery has been a hot trend over winter and we’re seeing that carry through into spring and summer. I’ve noticed that florals seem to be the most popular style of embroidery, but if you want something a bit different you could try DIYing using an appliqué from your local craft store or a patch from your fave crafty artist.

Meagan Kerr also writes at This is Meagan Kerr.

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