Favourite New Style Icons

alexa-chungAlexa Chung
I’ve loved Alexa’s casual-chic style for a few years now.  She always looks effortlessly put together and she’s probably the only person who can wear flats on the red carpet on multiple occasions and win the praise of the fashion critics.   Some people just have an inherent eye for style, and Alexa is definitely one of them.

carey-mulliganCarey Mulligan

Hollywood’s latest it-girl has an eye for classy, ladylike dressing.  She’s almost an Audrey Hepburn for our generation, and I love her throw-back style of dressing.  1950’s and 60’s inspired fashion is a huge trend at the moment, and Carey is the perfect poster girl.

emma-watsonEmma Watson
Well, Hermione Granger is certainly no more!  Emma said goodbye to her frizzy-haired Harry Potter roots with a bang, as soon as her contract allowed (rumour has it she was contractually obliged to not cut her hair until filming of all the films finished).  Her sleek, edgy, cropped do makes her look far older and sexier, and it’s coupled with some hot new outfits, and an uber-hip new rocker boyfriend.  Emma’s definitely one to watch!

olivia-palermoOlivia Palermo
Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that this girl has fab taste in clothes.  She’s New York’s most stylish socialite, whose eclectic style is always polished and chic.  She wears everything from cocktail dresses to shorts, and this has landed her on many best-dressed lists.

emma-robertsEmma Roberts
Emma Roberts has certainly stepped out of her famous aunt Julia’s shadow recently, and shown herself to be not only a talented actress, but to also have a very good eye for style. Her casual way of dressing is very wearable, and she doesn’t try too hard.

georgia-may-jaggerGeorgia May Jagger
With one of the world’s most famous rock stars for a father, and a model for a mother, there was no way this girl wasn’t going to be hot.  Thanks to the genes of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger is an in-demand model, working as the face of Hudson Jeans and Rimmel, and walking the runways for Chanel.  She’s got model looks and a rock star attitude to match – what’s not to love? Is this Kate Moss of the next generation?

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