Favourite Fashion Films

breakfast-at-tiffanysBreakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
Need I say more?  The classic film, starring Audrey Hepburn as the cute and quirky Holly Golightly, cemented Audrey Hepburn’s place as a fashion icon in film and cultural history.  Who can forget that image of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in the little black dress, with pearls around her neck and cigarette holder in hand?  The famous cat’s eye sunglasses Holly Golightly wears are also making a comeback this season, with many celebs such as Scarlett Johansson being spotted wearing the glasses –proof that this film still has an important influence on fashion today!

cluelessClueless (1995)
90’s preppy cool is at its absolute best in this film – tartan skirts, headbands and knee socks characterise the fashion of my personal favourite film growing up.  I think I saw this film about 100 times!  For me, this film is the epitome of the slightly tragic style of the 90’s- from Dionne’s (Stacey Dash) oversized hats to Tai’s (the late Brittany Murphy) grungy plaid shirts and band t-shirts. And preppy fashion is definitely back – the influence of this film is evident in the costumes in Gossip Girl.  Not to mention the fact that this film entered a whole new catchphrase into young people’s dialect – does anyone remember saying; “like, whatever!” and pulling that ‘W’ hand signal?

almost-famousAlmost Famous (2000)
This film, set in 1973, truly captures the free, bohemian spirit of the time – and don’t you love Penny Lane’s (Kate Hudson) John Lennon style sunglasses?  Almost Famous showcases 70’s, hippy style at its absolute best: crop tops, bell bottoms and floral dresses.  It is a nod to the fashion that defined the decade, and in turn influenced the fashion of subsequent years.  For just a few examples, crop tops are back this season with a vengeance, and floral has been huge for a couple of seasons now, showing we still love a bit of 70’s hippy chic!

an-educationAn Education (2009)
I adore the 1960s, and often think I may have been born a couple of decades too late.  This film might seem an unusual choice, but it captures the essence of 1960s fashion beautifully.  It is a coming of age story about a teenage girl, Jenny (Carey Mulligan) who falls in love with an older man played by Peter Sarsgaard.  Costume designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux’s creations represent the buttoned down, prim and proper looks of 1960’s suburban London.  The outfits Jenny wears remind me a lot of Holly Golightly – the gold shift dress with matching clutch, accessorised by bright red lips and nails, is gorgeous.  And the blue wrap dress Jenny wears to Paris is inspired.  Definitely a lot of looks here I would happily wear today!

aliceAlice in Wonderland (2010)
Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s classic children’s tale makes the list firstly for its whimsical costumes and fantastic sets, but also because it literally created a fashion trend.  All of a sudden, many of the huge international fashion magazines were featuring spreads inspired by the film.  Earlier this year, London Fashion Week showcased the ‘Alice by Alice Temperley’ collection inspired by the film.  Even style bible, Vogue,  told us how to get the look with girly, powder blue dresses, pocket watches and pieces accented by heart motifs.  Stella McCartney and Swarovski were among the many labels to team up with Disney to create lines of jewellery inspired by the film.  This is one film that, like no other, created an entire new trend.

marie-anotinetteMarie Antoinette (2006)
This film was, as most of us know, a critical flop.  But who cares?  The costumes are sumptuous and divine, and director Sofia Coppola has said she wanted to create a stylised, modern version that would humanise the characters.  The film won the Oscar for best costume design, an award that was well deserved.  Quite simply put, this film makes the list as it is pure eye-candy for the fashion lovers among us.

virgin-suicidesThe Virgin Suicides (1999)
Another of Sofia Coppola’s offerings, this film is often cited by many fashion designers as their number one film for fashion inspiration.  The film itself has an ethereal, unreal feeling, and this is supported by the costumes .The innocence of the sisters in the film is portrayed through the fashion – lots of whimsical lace and delicate floral patterns.  You can’t argue that lace isn’t huge again, and the white ankle socks with shoes worn by the girls in the film have definitely made a comeback this year!

satcweddingSex & the City (2008)
The fashion gods must have been smiling the day they created Patricia Fields.  Her influence in film and fashion will be seen for years to come.  For many, Carrie is the defining figure in fashion of the past decade, and with good reason.  As I am writing this, I have my ticket to SATC 2 but am yet to see it, so for now, the sequel remains off my list.  In regards to the first film, I have one thing to say – the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress.  That dress is truly a work of art and a sight for all fashion lovers.

factory-girlFactory Girl (2006)
Perhaps this article is a little too heavy on films set in the 1960s or 70s, but what can I say?  They don’t make clothes like they used to!  Factory Girl, the story of model Edie Sedgwick captures the essence of the Mod fashion trend of the time.  Sienna Miller’s wardrobe in the film is amazing – fur coats, mini dresses, tights, heavy eyeliner and a cute cropped hair cut.  I have so many favourite looks from this film, from the leather cap with fur jacket to the leopard print coat – Factory Girl tops my list as my personal favourite fashion film.

Is there a film we have missed?  Leave your comments below and let us know what your favourite fashion film is!


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