Faux fur: The ultimate accessory

I’ve never loved faux fur more than this winter.  Admittedly, I never bought into the faux fur trends of a couple of seasons ago – you know the faux fur vests that came and went relatively quickly and now hang lonely, waiting to be worn.  When I think of faux fur I think of vintage starlets, I think of a clothing accompaniment that enhances your style factor and endures.  I think of Greta Garbo…



Theperfectmessisme.blogspot.com & Emma Chair – kulturpon.com


This season, the world is surely ready for a little bit of glamour and for me, classic faux fur is where it’s at.  Funnily enough New Zealand’s clothing designers are also riding this wave and there are some luxe pieces which are blowing my mind right now.



Andrea Moore’s winter collection features fur accents – on hoods and jacket sleeves.  Take note of the fur stole, aka – the ultimate fashion accompaniment.



Storm fur jacket 2013 and faux fur throw from Briscoes


Storm’s winter 2013 collection features fur jackets and Sherpa detailing.  I absolutely love the Gaga Jacket in Charcoal (below); there’s something so timeless about the style of this jacket, yet the colour is a nice surprise from traditional black and tan, drawing on different sheens and textures.



Storm Gaga jacket 2013 and French Country velvet throw from Mildred & Co


Of noteable mention, and definitely worth a look at in terms of their fur appeal, is Ruby’s collection of coats.  The Wolfy Jacket and La Belle Stole are my absolute favourites – the Wolfy stole is the perfect accessory and I love that there are some fruitful colourways such as pastel blue, candy pink and chic black.  Or, if faux fur isn’t your thing from a clothing point of view, try a velvet or Sherpa throw draped over your lap to look stylishly lazy on a cold winter’s eve. 



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