Fashion Week: what I am looking forward to…

What is FashioNZ’s super-team looking forward to this Fashion Week?

Jackie O’Fee – reviewer and FashioNZ Style Doctor

‘Fashion week has just got to be one of my favourite weeks of the year – yes, it’s exhausting and yes, ever so slightly intimidating but I love it! I’m particularly looking forward to seeing some great designs on the catwalk – am most excited about Cybele, Alexandra Owen, Salasai and Hailwood as all have sent loads of covetable garments down the runway in the past – actually, I can’t stop there – I love virtually all the shows, within each there’s always something I want to own. I love the clever styling of the collections which always gives me a bit of inspiration as to how I could re-invent the stuff I’ve got hanging in my own wardrobe; although some of it wouldn’t work in the real world – the fantasy element of a runway show is what makes them so amazing to watch. I love the pounding music, the haughty stares of the models, the great make-up and hair; it’s all just awesome to be a part of. I’m looking forward to seeing the looks that are worn off the catwalk too, as our cleverest fashion people all do dress up and look their best at Fashion Week (hence the intimidating bit). I love my media swing-tag that lets me in to all the shows, even the ones that I’m not invited to and I love Ricardo bumping me into front row. I can’t lie – I love goodie bags, even if I don’t use half the stuff in them and I love the Air New Zealand Lounge where you can take a break and be served canapés and cocktails…bliss!

Janelle Rennie – reviewer

“I'm looking forward to the layered frills, thrills and male models in cotton drills, the dazzling rocks and stunning frocks, sky high heels towering over even higher egos, and hopefully catching a glimpse of the icon that is Miss Pamela Anderson… sans red bathing suit of course.”

Lucie Marquis – Party Diarist

'This is my first time attending ANZFW so I am really looking forward to the whole week – in particular the Zambesi 30th Birthday show and the Huffer collaboration with Miss Crabb (where I will be assisting Rachael Churchward backstage). Coming from London, it will be interesting for me to see in what ways fashion week differs here in Auckland. I will also be writing the 'Party Diaries' for FashioNZ and am really looking forward to seeing any new trends and styles that people will be wearing on the street and at the afterparties! Have fun!
Jet’aime Hayr – Beauty

“I’m most looking forward to Nom*D and Zambesi. I have been a huge fan of their work for as long as I can remember (I glued Zambesi posters all over my walls when I was 13 years old – there were no naff boy band posters in my room!) and their collections always blow my mind. Last year, I absolutely loved Sera Lily’s show, so I can’t wait to see what she has come up with this year. Actually, it’s hard for me to pinpoint key designers – I have such eclectic taste that there is usually something for me in most collections. Therefore, I guess I am going to have to be a non-committal and say I am really looking forward to the whole shebang!”
Amanda Bransgrove – photojournalist

‘I’m looking forward to seeing each designer’s inspiration for 2010 and my Catwalk Studios-trained girls up on the runway sashaying not stomping…in between enjoying the atmosphere a fashion week always brings to town…somewhere amongst the houpla I'll be behind my camera looking for that shot that says it all.’
Gracie Stewart – editorial assistant

‘This is my first fashion week where I will actually be getting to attend shows rather than styling and helping out back stage so that’s very exciting. The shows I’m most looking forward to are Zambesi, Twenty-Seven Names/Juliette Hogan and the ever adorable Trelise Kids which I have heard is a must-see!’
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