Fashion illustration with Bonnie Brown from Studio Bon

Studio Bon

Illustration by Bonnie Brown for Studio Bon. Image supplied.

After discovering Bonnie Brown’s exquisite illustrations on Instagram we were obsessed. An architecture and design student and freelance illustrator as well, Bonnie looks set to go far. She’s just launched her own online store, laden with fashion and beauty inspired prints so we can all have a piece of her magic. We chatted to Bonnie recently about what inspires her stunning work and what is next for her.

What drew you to fashion illustration?
I studied architecture, and was working in a firm, but found that I wasn’t getting enough of a creative outlet/inspiration so I started drawing the clothes and products I was in love with but being a student could only dream of. Sometime last year I began to share my work on Instagram and found that others were liking it too, so thought I might be onto something. Not to mention there are endless inspirations from the fashion world, and it’s really exciting to see what up and coming New Zealand designers are doing.

You’ve recently opened your online print store. Congratulations! Which drawing for sale is your favourite?
Thank you! Definitely my “Slip into Gucci” print. I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Gucci this year and I feel like this print has helped me not to spend all my savings on buying these exact shoes. I also love my Mini Mood series, as I worked closely with some of my favourite Insta influencers and created mini prints inspired by their photos.

Who is the Studio Bon muse?
Anyone and everyone. I spend far too much time on Instagram, but I’ve found myself endlessly inspired by other women. It’s so important to celebrate and encourage each other’s success and so the Studio Bon muse is supportive, stylish in her own way and not afraid to be different.

Studio Bon

Illustrations by Bonnie Brown for Studio Bon.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? What would you create?
Is it too ambitious to dream of British Vogue? Ever since a child Vogue has held such an illustrious place in my mind, you don’t even want to see my magazine collection. The creativity of their art direction, not to mention the designers they work with is insane and I would love to be involved in any capacity.

A little closer to home I would love to work with New Zealand Fashion Week on a range of illustrations inspired by our talented NZ designers.

What is in the pipeline for Studio Bon. Can you give us any sneak peeks?
Unfortunately, I can’t give away too much when it comes to client work, but I do have a project coming out soon that combines two of my favourite hobbies; coffee and sketching.

I’m also setting myself a personal project, for my IG, of sketching as much of NZFW as I can. Wish me luck! The sketches might even be up by the time this interview is live.

As someone who heavily relies on calendars and diaries to keep me on track, I’m going to be creating 2018 calendars that will be as much for me as anyone else who is interested.

Finally, if you could illustrate any iconic woman (or man), who would it be and why?
Frida Kahlo would be my number one. I’m constantly inspired by her work and what it stood for. I think art can be used as an important tool to talk about real issues and I hope in future I can apply some of this approach to my own work.

As for someone living probably Alexa Chung. Mainly in the hope that some of her badass attitude and style would rub off on me.

Illustration by Bonnie Brown for Studio Bon.

Sophie Putze also writes at Nana Wintour.

Images supplied.

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