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Here at FashioNZ we often get readers asking for styling advice, so we thought we’d ask the style expert, Angela Stone. 


Not only is Angela a professional stylist, she is also an author and clothing designer as well.


Angela is going to be answering your questions each month, so please email us at [email protected] with any style dilemmas you’re facing!


Q. I'm rejoining the work force next year after a few years off with my kiddies. I'm working in an office environment, but it's not corporate. I don't have a huge amount to spend so I was wondering if you can give me some tips on what to buy to make the most of a few items?


A. There are several wardrobe staples you should invest in: a pair of classic black pants, a white blouse, chic blazer and stylish pumps. Remember quality over quantity is much more important. Buy garments that are versatile so you can mix and match all of your pieces. The most important tip I can give you if you are money conscious is to spend a lot on accessories. Accessories are guaranteed to transform your outfit so if your ensemble is neutral make sure you accessorise with bold jewellery pieces. 


Q. Everyone I know is wearing printed pants and I think they all look great. Some are baggy and some are cropped and fitted, but I'm not sure if I can pull them off. What would you recommend for a pear shaped, size 14 body? 


A. If you have a pear shaped body your goal is to balance your bottom-heavy figure. I suggest you choose a pair of printed pants that are fitted but then flare out at the bottom of your legs. Flared pants will accentuate a curvy feminine shape perfectly and will make your legs appear longer and leaner.


Q. My skin tone is very pale, I have avoided the sun most of my life. I love all the bright colours around at the moment, but I find many make me look paler than I actually am. How can I still wear colour without it totally washing me out? 


A. I suggest that you have your colours done. A professional stylist can do this for you. Understanding what undertone your skin has will save you all the time and money. Until then add colour to your outfit through accessories as they are unlikely to wash you out!


About Angela Stone


For twelve years now, Angela Stone Consulting has been transforming lives. Inspired by the thousands of conversations she had with clients over the years, Angela was driven to write The Style Guide. Her little black book of industry fashion styling secrets is filled with educational and enlightening advice.


Along with private styling sessions, Angela also offers personal development consultations, to individuals as well as for various conferences and conventions.


Angela Stone's Professional Fashion Styling Course is available as a 3 day course to teach budding Stylists how to turn their dream into their career. Her most recent achievement has been releasing New Zealand's first Fashion Stylist eCourse at


For more information visit 

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