Everything you need to know about tinting your eyebrows at home

Eyebrow tinting at home

It’s easier than you think to tint your brows at home. Image via Adobe Stock.

Let’s talk about big brow energy… the Brooke Shields brow has been on top of the beauty fad list for quite some time now and unlike its predecessor, the skinny 90’s arch, I can’t see this trend going anywhere – big brows are here to stay. With 2020 shaping up to be the year of the DIY beauty treatments, amongst other things, brow tinting sounds like one of the scariest but is actually one of the easiest at-home beauty treatments to achieve great results. In fact, you could (probably) do just as good a job at home than getting them done in-salon. So, we have put together an easy guide for how to tint your eyebrows at home with some pro tips to help you avoid any major blunders.

How to prepare
Good reviews are your best friend when it comes to picking out beauty kits, so make sure you do your research before choosing what brand you would like to use. To prepare the brows, make sure you cleanse the area first, making sure to remove all dirt and makeup. Then, brush them with a spoolie (an eyebrow brush) as you normally would to the natural shape of your brows.

How to tint
Once your brows are prepped and dried, mix your tint to the instructions of your kit and start from the front of your brow where the hair is thicker. Some kits might suggest you use an eyebrow brush to apply the cream but using the mixing spoon will work just as well, if not better. Dab the mixture all the way to the ends of your brows making sure to coat every hair, then go back and perfect the edges of your brow, especially if your brows are lighter, coating all of the finer hairs. Take extra care with the gaps in your brows where you tend to use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in the most.

Processing time will vary just check your instructions on this and remember that you can always take it off and reapply if it isn’t dark enough but leaving it to overdevelop may give you darker brows than you intended. But don’t freak out, they will fade and at-home brow tint generally won’t last as long as salon-quality.

What colour should you choose?
Do you want to match your brows to your hair? Do you want them lighter? Or do you want them darker? There is no right or wrong way, it’s all down to personal preference, but for a more natural look, try to find a colour that mimics the darkest shade found in the hair on your head. Or, for a little more drama, go one to two shades darker than the colour of your roots.

Pro tips:
– Fill in your brows before tinting, take a pic then wash off. That way you’ve got a guide on how you want them to look afterwards, so you know where to put the tint on.

– Do one brow at a time! Your brows will process at different times so always do one brow at a time to get even results.

– Tint your brows before you wash your face, that way, you can use your cleanser to remove the rest of the tint.

– Apply vaseline around the skin of your brows to prevent any staining from the tint, this will make the tint much easier to remove.

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