Wynn Hamlyn NZFW 2018

Wynn Hamlyn NZFW 2018

Look from Wynn Hamlyn’s NZFW 2018 show. Image by Katherine Tuenter.

Staging a show that was part installation part runway, designer Wynn Hamlyn created an atmospheric space with tall standing light boxes dotted around the studio, the audience was guided on where to stand to make a makeshift runway and we stood waiting in anticipation for the show to start. Hamlyn opted to show his next resort range where he sought design inspiration from a documentary ‘Wormwood’ which tells the story of how the CIA used its scientists to experiment with LSD in the 1960’s.

Opening the show was a denim on denim look made up of a jacket and jeans. The jacket was embellished with a set of amazing oversized resin toggles (think 5 times the size of what you know a toggle to be) which would feature on more of his outerwear in looks to come.

Hamlyn first captured the media with his spin on modern knitwear, and we see his continued take on this with sophisticated ribbed dresses and knit polos, and chunky cable knit sweaters that were adorned with playful emblems of the peace sign and the yin and yang sign. The show proceeded with many of what has become Hamlyn’s signature looks of fresh sleek tailoring, relaxed denim wear and sophisticated silk dresses. His designs have always referenced a sense of retro futurism but look closer and there is also a sort of mischievous spirit to the range.

Colours were used to great effect with a base of black, ivory, beige, and forest green, with pops of lilac, duckegg blue and scarlet red. A nod to his central 1960’s theme came by way of a zany green tie dye print seen in a beautifully pleated silk dress and blouse.

Flattering and feminine, these clothes are quite simply beautiful and will surely please his loyal and rapidly growing fanbase.

Soundtrack: Contemporary with the likes of futuristic music group Sonder.

Hot Item: The gorgeous wrap cotton and silk dresses that feature twisted drapery around the waist. And the outerwear punctuated with the aforementioned oversized toggles.

Beauty Notes: The hair team for Wynn Hamlyn was lead by Michael Beel from L’Oreal Professional and featured natural, loose curls, with the models either sporting their hair down or tied back into a low ponytail. The hair team was also run by L’Oreal Professional and headed by Lisa Matson, featuring a soft contoured and bronzed face and nude lip, with pops of blue, orange or yellow under the eye and matching nails.

Images by Katherine Tuenter.


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