Wynn Hamlyn NZFW 2017

Wynn Hamlyn NZFW 2017

Look from Wynn Hamlyn’s New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 show. 

There was a real buzz in the air before the Wynn Hamlyn show, it was a hotly anticipated show and I think everyone knew they were about to witness something really special. Wynn’s latest offering was titled ‘Seasons’ and it was inspired by the juxtaposition of seasonal elements, of Summer vs. Winter.

Large glass houses were set up on the runway, and the floor was placed with panels of beautifully designed floral carpets designed by illustrator Kelly Thompson. The first look came down the runway and it was a sleeveless wrap dress with thick black ties featuring the same large floral print with sprawling vines as drawn by Kelly. It was styled with a thick, quilted neck corset and an oversized straw sun visor, immediately introducing us to the seasonal contrast theme. The signature floral would appear again on blouses and long skirts.

The next look would introduce us to what will surely be considered his hero piece, Wynn’s take on a deconstructed bodice, which wraps around to fasten with buttons on the front and with a hanging overlap. It was styled over shirts and tee shirts and designed in both lightweight and heavier materials, as well as worked on top of a knitted jumper and sweater dress.

Throughout the rest of the show, we saw 70s inspired denim in the way of knee length shorts and relaxed jeans, clever tailoring with a utilitarian sensibility, knitwear in black, navy, khaki and a striking scarlet red, as well as oversized blazers and coats. The colour palette was fairly neutral, we saw cream, beige, black, soft blues and browns with pops of bright red and cobalt blue. The styling by Danielle Clausen was well thought out – a tuck of the top here, a peek of trousers seen under a long dress there. Accessories wise, alongside the neck corsets and straw visors, there were flat slides or mules with the smallest of heels, thin black leather belts and over the shoulder leather bags – practical and no fuss.

The show ended with a grainy video of girls in sunshine, further adding to the nostalgic feel that Wynn’s clothes exude.

Beauty notes: Makeup was natural and organic with flushed cheeks by Lisa Matson for L’Oréal Paris, and the hair followed in the same suit with loose, relaxed waves by Michael Beel for L’Oréal Professionnel.

Soundtrack: The tunes had a slightly spooky and eerie tone, interrupted halfway through the show with a sound bite of a cackling girl’s laugh.

Hot items: The deconstructed, wraparound bodice for sure. And also the amazing hats designed in collaboration with Australian accessories designer Helen Kaminski.

Images by Katherine Tuenter.


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