UNDERGROUND (Fashion Installation) NZFW 2013 Review

UNDERGROUND is a survey show – part exhibition, part live fashion installation. The show exhibits, new collaborative work from New Zealand’s emerging and most experimental, boundary pushing fashion designers.

Installed in an underground carpark, the venue creates an atmosphere that speaks to each of the designers – left of centre, no rules and doing things their own way, at their own venue of choice. From underneath – the new force comes!

UNDERGROUND features 10 New Zealand designers: Blue Blank, Eugenie, Jimmy D, Kowtow, Thistle Brown, Jessica Grubisa, Maaike, Miss Crabb, Otsu, Underground Sundae.

This was such a spectacular and unique showcase, and a case where the photographs really do tell the story, and the interpretation is left up to you. Truly the standout event of the day.

– Angie Fredatovich

Imagery: Yvonne Shearer


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