The BMW New Generation Show and People’s Choice Winner NZFW 2013

Three very different fashion brands took to the runway as part of the BMW New Generation Show at NZFW 2013, with this year marking the first time Fashion Week partner BMW has offered one of the designers a $5000 financial boost to go towards further developing their business career.

The People’s Choice winner was announced after each of the three designers had a chance to showcase looks from their autumn/winter 2014 collection with the winning prize going to Mount Maunganui-based designer, Alexis Komene, for her emerging designer label, Crooked Seven.

Alexis Komene, Crooked Seven wins the Peoples Choice 2013

Crooked Seven, Bowie Top and Sugar Pants

Crooked Seven’s signature style of loose-fitting cuts and tailored edges, drifted effortlessly down the runway. A gorgeous Popham print and soft fluid fabrics featured throughout. Crooked Seven is a youthful and charming label, that is well designed and totally wearable.

Nara Paz, Brush-Stroke Brocade A-Line Coctail Dress

Adding a touch of glamour to the runway, the Nara Paz collection was feminine and sleek which made you yearn for that special occasion where dressing up is called for. A beautiful Abstract Brushstroke Brocade fabric, which featured in a few garments, including a couture gown and A line cocktail dress, gave those garments the perfect balance of effortless glam.

Beverley Riverina, Handknitted Walking Coat, with Roll Neck Dress

The intricate detail of the Beverley Riverina collection showcased extensive technique and a huge amount of skill in creating these hand knitted pieces. The collection offered variety and detail such as embellishments and fern-shaped felting and was the only label from the three to include menswear.


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