S/S 2014 Showcase at WFW 2013

The showcase gave everything you would expect from spring/summer collections, muted colours and florals were abound and the mood was light and free.

Philippa and Alice & Mardle

The monochromatic looks, which were popular in the winter showcase, look to carry over into spring/summer collections.

This range from newcomers Oblivious was far from. Models wore floral headpieces in this cohesive and whimsical collection which featured peplum detailed tops, white and black floral patterns and cute dresses.

Scarab beetle prints were prominent among the menswear, along with dropped crotch jersey pants and sleeveless shirts with rodeo patterns.

This collection was beautifully tailored with models wearing cropped pants, fitted shorts and garments featuring hidden sequin detailing to effectively capture the light.

The prints used by the designers were bold and adventurous and will be sure to be a popular choice in the upcoming season.

If I can ever choose is a sentiment we’re all going to struggle with after viewing this collection.

Pieces were elegant and polished with the designer accomplishing an overall cohesive collection.

The Mardle showcase was theatrical.  Models in luxe sportswear inspired looks walked the runway with Instapix camera, pausing by the entrance to capture stills of the following looks.

The collection alternated masculine inspired looks with girly dresses.  Jersey garments and silk dresses were emblazoned with xx symbols, which were recurring throughout the show.

The Frantisek collection played with the juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal stripes.Trapeze dresses in tightly checkered fabrics and large stripes were the mainstays of the collection.

The designer used hidden sequin detailing on many of the garments to capture and draw light to movement to great effect.

Lover you should have come over is a collection named after a Jeff Buckley song.  It imparts the feelings of a girl first meeting a guy. Monochromatic look was a theme that was explored throughout the show.

The looks were broken up with vibrant, eye-catching prints. Boxy cropped jackets paired with tailored shorts were shown in a variety of prints and fabrics.

Mesh detailing was the cohesive factor in this collection, linking the pieces together.  It was used to add interesting detail to underlays and sheer backs.

Striped jerseys, peplum and floral borders were prominent in the showcase.

Room 64 was reminiscent of their past collection, with the label showing a sense of continuity with cohesive looks.

The opening scene was memorable with two models in monochromatic equestrian themed ensembles joining each other to walk down the runway together.

Models wore updated versions of jockey caps with kimono-esque silk robes featuring high slits.

– Mary Nichols

Imagery: Jam Photography


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