PIA NZFW 2014 Review

A departure from the winter wools of the week so far, PIA showed summer 2015 on the runway and it was certainly a sunny affair.

Taking leave from her formerly colourful collections, this time she showed a more muted colour palette, starting first in subtle monochromatic tones before moving into white, sky blue, pale pink and a muted shimmery blush.

Designer Pia Naera-Scott’s love of relaxed wearable pieces was clear to see, her signature ruffle hemmed dresses and sheer separates again made an appearance amongst more grown up pieces in stripes and solid colours.

This time she also introduced cute fruit prints, lacy sleepwear and tassel trims into the range with mixed effect.  The addition of leather backpacks and shoulder bags embossed with PIA were a welcome accessory to her pieces.

Summer will definitely be a casual, sweet affair for PIA’s devotees.

-Evelyn Ebrey

Images: Yvonne Shearer Photography

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