PIA Boutique launches Autumn/Winter 2014

The Pia Boutqiue Autumn/Winter 14 collection was as bright and frilly as you’d expect it to be, with a few sparkly exceptions.



The classic ‘Pia’ dresses sashayed down the runway in pink, orange and and neon, proving that colour is here to stay this winter. It’s a nice change from the typical darker palette we see in the colder months, especially here in New Zealand.

There were also some great numbers covered in sparkles. Sparkles and sequins can turn any frown upside down, and now the Pia die-hards can wear their fav Pia dresses out on the town and dance in a circle of glittery sequins.


It was great to see Pia expand from the typical range, with blossoming prints and working with white. A white lace dress can be so much more when the cut is soft and hugs a woman in all the right places. Bright blue also featured in tops, pants and dresses, with a striking structured cocktail dress capturing our eye.

Finally, the jackets. Oh the jackets. We need all of the jackets and vests. Casual cool, like the Pia brand – they are classic pieces that you’ll be handing down to your grandkiddies.


– Dani McAllen

Imagery: Maegan Mcdowell

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