NZFW 2012 International Media Meet and Greet

The Sofitel was breakfast venue for New Zealand Fashion Week’s international media guests this morning (Tuesday 4 September) – and what a charming bunch they are, jetlag and all.  Here are the faces you’ll no doubt be reading about local labels from – online now, or in print in weeks and months to come.

Top left to right: Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Nels Frye, Emily Fang (Little Black Book) (right), and her NZFW minder

Bottom: Venus Tong, Olivia Lopez and Pannee Ng (Butterboom)


Top from left to right: Anne Fullerton (Yen) and her NZFW minder, Annette Lamothe-Ramos (Vice)
Bottom: Alice Williams and her NZFW minder


– Julie Roulston/SONY NEX


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