NZ Fashion Festival: Night Five

Image: Sacha Stejko

The final collection of Fashion Festival was presented on the Shed 10 runway tonight, drawing the biggest crowd yet. With much-anticipated designers like Stolen Girlfriends Club, Zambesi, and new-comer Liam showcasing their winter collections, there was a lot to be excited about at this show.

Lingerie brand Pleasure State featured lots of satin with lace detailing. This came in a multitude of colour and styles. We saw blacks, blues, teals, whites, pinks.. Almost anything imaginable! So much variety, with something to suit everyone.


Pleasure State

Barkers’ collection came second, opening with a few black tailored woollen trenches – very winter appropriate. The detailing of the coats was quite notable, with quite a few buttons on the front panels, a wide collar, and epaulettes completed the look. Chinos were also a prominent feature in the collection. In a myriad of colours, these stylish trousers are not to be missed this winter.



Hailwood’s winter collection was shown next, with longer styles popular for skirts and dresses, and, consistent with Fashion Week’s show, with cute polka dot prints and sheer fabrics. Floaty white skirts were spotted on the runway, with white shades making a particular impact. A distinct standout was the fringe detailing on an otherwise classic black jumpsuit. The detailing added a particularly striking element to the classic style.

Jimmy D’s collection was then seen, also of particular consistency with the Fashion Week show. Leather belts and harnesses over chiffon dresses and skirts made for an unexpected, grunge-chic contrast. I found the addition of red fabrics to the otherwise black-and-white collection made for a very fluid transition between pieces. The pentacle star made a re-appearance at this year’s show, with the hint at witchcraft adding a mystical element to the pieces it graced.


Jimmy D

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s 2012 range was up fifth, opening with a very large faux fur striped and hooded jacket. The shaggy fur complimented the bold stripes well, putting an unexpected twist on a classic jacket cut. Printed white denim was also spotted in the collection, being featured on jackets, as well as pants. Shoes in the collection had a chunky heel, and were very grunge 80s.

Liam’s range was featured sixth, with a bold orange coat opening the collection. The low placement of the coat’s sole button changed up the look of the garment completely, adding interest to the coat (in addition to the bold colour, that is!). I also loved the classically-cut dark navy blue suit, with a ruffled white blouse underneath. I found that a lot of Liam’s pieces were quite corporate appropriate, and could go from the office to after-work drinks quite easily.



MisteR showcased their winter collection next, sending lots of gingerbread men brooches down the runway (along with their gorgeous garments). Bowties, purple tights, polka dotted and striped garments were all exciting MisteR features. Big bows graced girls’ necks, and a traditional tie was knotted in a bow for a cutting edge take on the double Windsor.

Last to go down the runway was the winter collection from Zambesi. Their men?s range was shown first, with a white trench opening the show. Highlighter yellow detailing was a prominent feature, later moving on to full blown yellow colouring for pants and jackets. Jumpsuits are popular for men this season, with Zambesi displaying quite a wearable one. All styles were worn with Doc Martins, putting an edgy twist on each garment.

Quite a few pieces stood out in the womens’ wear collection too, with highlighter yellow taking centre stage as well. Sweaters and knit scarves were all in this shade, as well as different shades of brilliant blues for jackets and tights.



As Fashion Festival drew to a close this weekend, it left fashion spectators looking forward to the upcoming trends for winter. With all the looks on this week’s runway already in stores, it’s time to pop down to Newmarket/High Street/Parnell and try on that dress you’ve been pining over all week!

-Lena Aseeva

Imagery: Will Seal.


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