NYNE NZFW 2013 Review

Celebrating their ninth birthday at NZFW, the collective that makes up NYNE opened proceedings with a stunning black and white short film, which featured mysterious darkly-clad figures on a journey, setting the perfect tone for their collection entitled ‘Nomadic’.

As the film finished, smoke emerged from the runway and a live band, Thunderdykes, began playing a driving guitar-lead song that had a great beat for the models to strut to. NYNE imagined a present-day wandering tribe, according to the show notes, a restless society that’s forever on the move, looking for a brighter future.

As the first softly draped outfits graced the runway it was clear that these clothes are made for movement and are very wearable. Layers of stunning georgette, mesh and viscose crepe created easy flowing shapes which breezed down the runway in white, grey, black and vivid crimson.

Strong shoulders and masculine tailoring created an androgynous feel, emphasised by cape-style jackets and clever styling which saw the sleeves of jackets tied at the back to create a more defined silhouette and edgier look. Shirting was well-tailored and complemented by slouchy fisherman knits.

A clever addition to the show was stunning wide-brimmed felt hats created by milliner Myra Lloyd of Marmalade Hats, which definitely enhanced the nomadic feel. You could imagine these outfits being worn on long journeys, the garments flowing in the breeze, the hats and coats providing shelter to the wearer.

NYNE definitely nailed a collection that’s contemporary, intelligent and functional, whilst maintaining a mysterious, individual look that’s still totally accessible and creatively unique.

– Evelyn Ebrey

Images: Yvonne Shearer


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