K’Road Presents NZFW 2017

K'Road Presents NZFW 2017

Pieces from Nick Von K’s Magic Orchid collection at the K’Road Presents showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017. 

Just like the it’s namesake precinct, the much anticipated K Road Presents 2017 showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week was eclectic, edgy and full of charm. Featuring video installations from four of the strip’s premier designers, the K Road Presents showcase gave us a glimpse into the latest collections to come out of this famous road as well as the inspiration behind them.

Lost And Lead Astray’s installation was an abstract montage of videos featuring the curves and forms of the female figure wrapped in cling film and with fun and eye-catching clips of jiggling red jelly, which celebrated the natural movement of bodies. Designer Sarah-Jane Duff is dedicated to designing beautiful plus-size clothing and her installation perfectly emphasized her dedication to creating a world where each woman can feel confident in her own skin.

Capsule collection designer Courtney Perham’s edgily dreamy video installation marked her debut appearance at New Zealand Fashion Week. Making her mark on the showcase, she showed a film titled ‘Volume Five’ that featured a montage of both the garment making process and musing garment shots. The film acted as an autobiography into the season and a showcase of all that inspires her and into the past few months and explored sanity and insanity, cloth and land. Working exclusively with seven genderless garments in capsule collections presented only twice a year, Courtney Perham’s takes the crown for versatility, innovativeness and coveted designs.

Nick Von K’s distinctively edgy style took a softer, more whimsical turn this season with the creation of the Magic Orchid collection. Every bit as majestic as it sounds, this collection is the perfect fusion of Nick Von K’s signature rock n’ roll style and the delicate forms found in nature. The video features beautiful jewellery made of elements such as mother-of-pearl shells, Turquoise, Moonstone, and Swiss Blue Topaz each modelled against lush backgrounds flora and fauna.

Some standout pieces that we are lusting over are a clear blue Swiss Topaz ring surrounded by two little fairies, a delicate mother-of-pearl carved sakura necklace and a nesting fantail, sitting over a brilliant turquoise stone pendant.

Last, but not least in the K Road Presents 2017 showcase was Courtney Pellow, whose designs were as eye-catching as they were both unique and innovative. Careful craftsmanship of Japanese salvaged denim and up-cycled gumboot socks gave the range with an incredibly original aesthetic. Patchwork denim and acid-wash fabrics made up striking garments that were beautifully contrasted with the diverse range of locations from Auckland to Tongariro National Park that the film was shot in.

Hot Items: Courtney Pellow’s acid-washed statement jacket and Nick Von K’s nesting fantail pendant.

Images by James Yang Photography.

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