Kate Sylvester NZFW 2017

Kate Sylvester NZFW 2017

Finale at Kate Sylvester’s New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 show.

Kate Sylvester showcased her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, Electric Dreams in an alluring show that, quite literally, illuminated audiences with its deliciously bright and electrifying colours on eye-catching garments.

The show began with the gentle and romantic Amélie piano soundtrack and then loud, upbeat, modern music was played as the show revved up. Set against a backdrop of vertical coloured neon lights, Sylvester’s Electric Dreams collection was a brilliant homage to the neo-noir Blade Runner dystopian film and 80s futurism with its bold colours and nods to modernist styles.

A standout detail of this show was the vibrant and unforgettable use of bold colours. Strong splashes of pink, bright and blood reds, emerald, turquoise and royal blue popped out against neutral tones of pewter blue, blush and khaki. This selection of colour worked to create not only individually striking outfits but seamlessly tied the collection together with a strong sense of cohesiveness.

A range of lust-worthy jackets and coats were prominent in this collection, made from all kinds of gorgeous fabrics from faux fur to velvet, wool to coloured leather. Among the outerwear that caught our eye was a calf-length fur collar that boasted an oversized collar, a sleeveless tie-front, tan trench coat and a pale blue leather loose biker jacket, complete with a wide straight collar and asymmetric zip. Sylvester’s signature Valencia jacket made a comeback to the catwalk as well – this time featured in a striking green and baby blue.

Also mixed into this wonderfully eclectic collection was a subtle influence of Japonisme. A figure-hugging khaki jumpsuit with a dark, pink-petal sakura print cinched with a thick leather wrap belt was a beautiful inclusion of this inspiration – as was a flowing long-sleeved dress with the same print, but in a bright red. These outfits infused the collection with an extra touch of femininity.

Not to be overlooked were the simple yet stunning accessories paired with the outfits. Red, blue, khaki and white leather booties, as well as long, fine sparkly thread earrings in various colours, which added a subtle pop of flair to the bright and opulent outfits.

The list of looks we loved in this collection was endless. A definite stand-out outfit for us was a long-sleeved top and loose pants combination made from striking green velvet, a metallic silver two-piece suit as well as a blue and purple jewel-toned, sequinned shift dress paired with a khaki jacket and cigarette trousers. This collection was a triumph for Kate Sylvester.

Soundtrack: Opening song was a beautiful acoustic track from Amélie.

Beauty Notes: Slick, middle parted hair and exaggerated neon eye-shadow by Kiekie Stanners for MAC Cosmetics.

Hot Item: Green velvet top and pants, silver metallic blazer, shimmer multi-coloured turtleneck.

Images by Katherine Tuenter.


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