Jason Lingard NZFW 2017

Jason Lingard NZFW 2017

Dancers on the runway at Jason Lingard’s New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 show.  

Jason Lingard and a company of contemporary dancers were second up on the runway of day four of New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 with ‘Chaos,’ a dynamic and original showcase of Jason Lingard’s Spring/Summer 18 collection.

Dotted along the runway that was filled with an alluring blue wash of light were three dancers, each lying on the floor while being lit up by bright white spotlights. As the music started playing, the dancers started to stand up, slowly beginning a graceful, yet quirky contemporary dance that straight away hooked the audience’s attention. Straying away from conventional models, this company of dancers were the models of his collection, showing off the designs as they moved down the runway while performing an interpretative dance.

The collection featured a series of large, billowy garments that were shown off perfectly by the dancers’ movements. Oversized, relaxed fitting dresses featured draw cords and ties at placed at either the front, side or back of the garment allowing the wearer to adjust and add shape to the piece.

Jason Lingard’s Japanese inspiration was evident in this collection through his use of structured forms that perfectly complemented and contrasted with the loose, relaxed forms of his garments. Kimono-like sleeves, v-necks and plunging backlines were regularly featured in this range on dresses as well as pleated, loose-fitting pants. Lingard also used asymmetrical sleeves, hemlines and drapery in this collection – which complemented and helped show off the beautiful fluid movement of his garments.

The range mainly fitted a monochromatic palette, keeping the attention to the silhouettes on the garments. The fabrics used in the collection were simple: featuring silks and muslins both sheer and opaque. Jason Lingard also added a touch of interesting texture to the collection through the inclusion of a dark denim chambray and beige muslin to some dress styles. An interesting fabric detail featured on one of the garments that caught our eye was a black and white drawing of a mystical-looking woman’s face surrounded by birds and bright red ribbons.

A garment that we couldn’t keep our eyes off was a long white muslin dress with featuring two handkerchief-silhouetted pieces of fabric hanging down the wearer’s front. For an easily wearable and staple wardrobe item, we were partial to an asymmetrical wrap-front top featuring crossed drapes.

Soundtrack: Futuristic yet grungy sounds including Japanese vocals

Beauty notes: Jet-black face masks covering the entire face

Hot item: White draped cross front top and black asymmetric dresses

Images by James Yang Photography.


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